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Matt Kindt’s Next Must-Read Comic: Dept. H #1 Review

Posted by Sophia Horn on April 28, 2016

Dept. HThe Breakdown

Dark Horse Comics presents Dept. H, an original murder/mystery series where each issue takes place in a 24-hour time span. Written and drawn by Matt Kindt, creator of Mind MGMT with his wife, Sharlene Kindt, provided beautiful water colors.

Elevator Pitch

Dept. H mashes multiple genres in a deep sea tale with wonderfully fitting watercolor art. The book’s sci-fi murder mystery evokes a sense of urgency that’ll have you flying through the pages.

The Verdict

Behind the high-stake scenarios in Dept. H there’s also an emotional story that’s easy to become invested in and hungry for more information as the series unfolds. The lead character, Mia, plays the role of a no-funny business secret investigator who’s on the trail at the same pace as the reader. This first issue hits all the hallmarks of a great serialized mystery. It’s sparked an immense amount of curiosity and I can’t wait for issue 2.

The Whole Story

Since this is a mystery comic, even the first issue is a minefield of shockers. I apologize ahead of time for being overly vague. But trust me, you’ll thank me later.

This is no simple murder mystery. Kindt raises the stakes and tension by setting the story at the bottom of the sea. Dept. H is a specialized research branch located six miles deep. It houses USEAR (Underwater Science Exploration and Research) and as though a murder wasn’t bad enough, the facility faces a possible flooding situation. Plus, USEAR believes the murderer came from within Dept. H. Naturally an outsider, Mia, should journey to this leaking installation and take on the crushing weight of this deadly mission.

Of course, waiting for new installments monthly is extra-tense under these circumstances. Fortunately the Kindts make it worth your while: each issue includes exclusive treats such as original artwork, behind-the-comic stories, and process insights.

Dept. H 2

The Details

Dept. H debuted this month. Don’t wait for the trade – check it out now!  Head to your local comic shop, buy digital on Amazon or score phyical or digital via Dark Horse.

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