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The Shadow Glass #1 Review

Posted by Jess on March 13, 2016

the-shadow-glass-coverThe Breakdown

The Shadow Glass is a six-part miniseries published by Dark Horse Comics. Words and art by newcomer artist/ writer Aly Fell.

Elevator Pitch

Sixteenth century England mixed with the occult. It’s like Lionhead Games’ Fable come to life in comic form.

The Verdict

The Shadow Glass #1 serves as setup for what promises to be an intriguing and adventurous series. It’s not the story that’ll hook you in this first issue (it’s a fairly standard girl finds out her dad isn’t her dad, runs away to seek answers), rather it’s Fell’s art and coloring that will make you want to see more.

The Whole Story

Rosalind, a tomboy and student of the occult, returns home from training to find that the story of her parentage is a lie. Her adopted father begs her to not seek her biological parent, a dangerous man named Thomas Hughes. Distressed, but vowing to obey her father-not-father’s wishes, she returns to her tutor in search of answers.

This first issue really is no more than that – it hints a setup for the stories that follow. Much of the writing reads like filler, a puzzling choice for a series with only six issues. The only open questions left are the glaring ones: “Who is Thomas Hughes?” and “How did Rosalind’s mother perish?”

The art, however, is stunning. Fell does a fantastic job of bringing her world to life with characters and magic that jump off the page. The amount of skill put into crafting each frame is staggering and you’ll find yourself lingering on the pages longer than normal, just to take in the amount of detail.


Despite the first issue’s hackneyed plot, Rosalind herself is an interesting character. She’s an arrogant young woman who refuses to wear woman’s clothing, trains with a sword, and prides herself on her own strength. Yet, near the end of the issue, she throws herself at her tutor’s feet in a fit of tears, begging he answer her questions. It’s unclear whether her bravado is a front, or if she’s simply contrary – either way it will be interesting to see her grow.

The Details

The Shadow Glass #1 hits shelves on March 23. The story may yet kick into gear, but at the very least it’ll be one of the most gorgeous books on the stands. Pick it up from your local comic book retailer, or pre-order from Dark Horse directly.

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