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Predator: Life and Death #1 Review

Posted by Sophia Horn on February 24, 2016


The Breakdown

Predator: Life and Death – A graphic and thrilling four-issue miniseries that will expand the world of Predator. Written by Dan Abnett (Guardians of the Galaxy), with art by Brian Thies (Star Wars: Legacy).

Elevator Pitch 

A nostalgic, yet newly savage storyline that revolves around our favorite ritualistic, extraterrestrial hunters meeting a new group of well-equipped Marine friends.

The Verdict

Violent and delightful. The story effectively gives the same eerie discomfort that we come to expect with the Predator species. Abnett sets a concrete and explosive start to this new addition to the Predator/Alien/Prometheus tale and Thies’ artwork in this issue is timeless.


Although this miniseries will be adding onto the Xenoverse, it is easily accessible for new readers to hop on board with little knowledge regarding backstory. However, if you’re aware of this death gang’s previous history, you might have a bit more invested in the tale.

The Whole Story

Not a moment is wasted with the first issue of this miniseries. Abnett immediately throws you into a high stakes scenario where a happy solution seems out of the question.

The story takes place 43 years after the Aliens narrative, and the Weyland-Yutani Corporation is still barking orders and being everything that is wrong with large corporations.

So, “The Company” wants a peculiar ship to be checked out on the planet Tartarus and a rep has asked the US Colonial Marine Corps to investigate. From the beginning of this task, the Marine captain already knows that this might put her people in harm’s way.


And surprise: she was absolutely right.

Staying true to the Predator culture, these Predators take pride in the hunting game. Thies does a brilliant job of illustrating the lurking essence that is the alien species and creates unsettling tension for this military group. These Marines have no idea what they’re getting themselves into.


While the heart of the Predator series remains, the only issue I had was wanting a bit more backstory in the beginning. It was thrilling to jump right into the action, but I would have loved to know more about what has changed since the Aliens storyline. I wanted to know more information on “The Company” and if they have grown at all within the last 43 years. However, it feels like this first issue might be a set up for that description. So, patience is a virtue I guess.

This first installment leaves you eager to see what kind of massacre is going to continue unfolding and I’m excited to see what Abnett has in mind for intertwining the Xenomorphs from Aliens and the perplexing engineers from Prometheus.

Predator: Life and Death #1 is scheduled to be released to the masses on March 2, 2016. It’s a must-read for Predator fanatics and also a thrilling adventure for newcomers. Be sure to hit up your local comic shop for a dose of unearthly viciousness.


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