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OK Go Does it Again: Zero-Gravity Video for “Upside Down & Inside Out”

Posted by Jess on February 11, 2016



In a line of mind-blowingly amazing music videos, OK Go first brought us treadmill dancing. Then it was a Rube Goldberg machine, and the car-as-an-instrument. Most recently was the insanely choreographed “I Won’t Let You Down,” featuring a kaleidoscope of umbrellas, filmed by drone.

But today… Today they one-upped themselves again… as well as every other music video ever made.

Presenting “Upside Down & Inside Out” from OK Go’s latest album Hungry Ghosts. True to its name, the video was shot in zero gravity aboard an S7 Airlines jet. As with all their work, it’s fun, colorful, and plasters an amazed smile on your face from start to finish. Many of their videos also reply on human innovation, and in that category this one tops them all. It’s a world first and an awe-inspiring culmination of math, engineering, choreography, cinematography, and imagination.

The media usually refers to these these music videos as “viral”. This, however, is an insult to the amazing works of art this group constantly bequeaths to us mere mortals.

To see the video and its floating electronics, acrobats, and exploding paint balloons, head over to the group’s Facebook page. Then block out a good chunk of time on your calendar because you’re going to watch this multiple times.

You can also pick up OK Go’s latest album, Hungry Ghosts, on Amazon.


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