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Marvel’s Deadpool Movie Absolutely Lives Up To Hype

Posted by Sophia Horn on February 18, 2016


This Valentine’s Day revolved around a certain mercenary who stole my heart one advertisement at a time. Due to some truly genius marketing techniques and a cast completely dedicated to the source material, Marvel’s Deadpool has finally made it on the big screen in an accurate and wonderfully obnoxious way – which is really all we ever wanted.

Over the past few months, you could hardly go onto any social media platform or even drive down the street without seeing some type of Deadpool teaser, trailer, or billboard. Usually, these force-fed advertisements annoy me to no end, but these felt so sincerely Deadpool-esque that I couldn’t help but want more. I was optimistic that this character was finally in the right hands and my expectations were high.

I’m thrilled to say that those hands supplied me with the Deadpool I desired. Let’s dig into why.


First off, the action scenes in this movie were insanely satisfying and beautiful. Actually, the whole movie was visually stunning. Comic book films have the tendency to go overboard with CGI, but the effects in Deadpool enhanced the look; such as movement in his mask ensuring just the right amount of expression. Worth noting for tech nerds: this could be attributed to the use of NVIDIA hardware, which increase rendering speeds up to 15x that of normal CPUs, allowing for a more detailed and intricate scene. I mean… just look at that phenomenal opening scene!

The plot of Deadpool played to the normal comic schtick: struggling with mutation powers, love interest strain, and the yearning for an ordinary life. But what really made this movie stand out is that it spun the whole thing on its head. Plus there was enough emotion and heart that made it so easy to empathize and fall in love with the antihero.

Speaking of love, Deadpool featured a surprisingly solid love story that warmed the cockles of my heart – for a comic book movie is a feat that’s super rare. The film was a unique emotional rollercoaster. In a world of Hollywood remakes, audiences treasure originality. (Which is probably why it grossed over $286m worldwide in the first weekend, shattering box office records as the largest R-rated opening.)

And let us not forget the passionate and dedicated cast who fought for 10 years to make this film a reality. Ryan Reynolds especially suffered for this character and poured his heart into making this movie happen. (C’mon he’s definitely the one who “leaked” that initial footage.) In every second of this film, you can feel how eagerly Reynolds was waiting to do this character justice.  His comedic performance was perfectly precise and authentic, so much so that he is Deadpool. Huzzah for you Ryan Reynolds. Hu-freaking-zzah.

Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand) was rad too and her unattached attitude was delightful. Then there’s Stefan Kapicic take on Colossus. He wasn’t portrayed as a boring, hulk-like character. Instead we got a Colossus with a lovable personality. With these two gems, the audience’s thirst for some type of X-Men affiliation was quenched.


Now, although I thoroughly enjoyed this movie from start to finish, there was something that left me wanting. The villains were not profound and lacked an intriguing storyline. We know little to nothing about them, except that they’re bad. And honestly, this isn’t really enough to get the audience invested in their motivation for being jerks. It’s a huge letdown especially considering these characters had the potential to be developed, fascinating additions. I would have loved to know more about Angel Dust and Ajax, especially due to them having such distressing stories in the Deadpool comics. (In the comics, Ajax and Deadpool have a heart-wrenching back-and-forth history of revenge.)  Even something as simple as explaining why Angel has the need for keeping a match in her mouth, besides serving as a plot device it would have given her more personality. This shallowness of character took away from the story and left the audience clueless when it came to their motives.

The Verdict

The villains may have been flimsy, but overall Deadpool was what I, nay, we needed it to be. My heart has been settled knowing that his character is heading in the right direction onscreen. The film’s R rating did not stop it from crushing box-office records, and proving that Hollywood has no idea what moviegoers actually want to see. It deserves it. Deadpool has been fighting for a movie since 2005 and the team deserves every ounce of praise.

If you need a Deadpool fix, go watch him be the man you fell in love with. If you know nothing about Deadpool, go watch this man be lewd and vulgar, then fall in love with him.

Also, you can just go for Stan Lee’s cameo.


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