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Friday Night Fanfiction :: Counch Bounch

Posted by Stevo on January 1, 2016

FNF 1400The drunken fanfiction podcast you’ve been waiting for! Friday Night Fanfiction combines dramatic readings of the worst-of-the-worst NSFW fanfic with drinking games.

In this, our last episode of 2015, we finish three stories, completing one from last time. First, we get some erotic poetry on in “It’s a Jungle Down There” by Warick_Daedalus, which goes into unnecessary detail as to the sexual habits of the animals inhabiting the Donkey Kong Country universe.

Then, we finish up the fan-chapters for “Sonic in the Search for Love” (aka “Steevo’s Therapy Shows Improvement“) by Tehmsu. It was worse than we expected.

Finally, we read our first slice of Homestuck porn (nobody on the show has ever seen or read or done anything with Homestuck): “VriskaxEridan POV” by HimedesReves aka Mana, who came on to help share what she enjoyed about the series when she was in middle school. We still know basically nothing about Homestuck even after this.

2015 was our first full year of being a show dedicated to rotten fanfiction, and we’d like to thank everyone involved in The Nerdy Show Network, especially Cap, boR, all the members of the other shows, and particularly the Patreon supporters and donating fans. To everyone who has walked with us in 2015 through the dreck and mire of terrible fanfiction, we say thank you and look forward to another horrendous year together in 2016.

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Readers: Stevo, David, Logan, Mana
Referee: Val

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