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T-Shirts From The Nerdy Show Network!

Posted by NerdyShow on November 23, 2015

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It’s been a while since we’ve debuted new t-shirts here on Nerdy Show – years in fact! Well, we’re making up for lost time. How does nine new shirts sound?

Yes, fight off the cold and pesky crumbs in style! With these snazzy t-shirts you can rep your favorite podcasts while rocking amazing artwork, a slick logo, or a cool in-joke for folks in the know. How are we able to launch so many new shirts? Our old pals at Amazon launched a new program called Merch that offers super high-quality shirts printed on demand and sent directly to you. We were skeptical, but we checked them out and the quality of these prints is astounding.

So what’s new? We’ve got our geek amalgam Nerdy Show Network logo, two Friday Night Fanfiction designs, No Fangs, Lightning Dogs, shirts for every party member of Dungeons & Doritos with new art by Tony as well as his art from the episode “Run Away”, and an old school design Tony and Mike cooked up for PikaThor of the mighty Pokévengers! Plus for the first time ever we’re able to offer fem-cut shirts in addition to the unisex tees. Youth shirts too (it’s not advisable to let your kids listen to D&D). Check out all the new designs below or head to our new shirt page for the ever-growing catalog.

pikathorNS AMALGAM ld blackFNFgotFNFno fangsrunawaypangolinchair brownjamela redlefty bluebarty greenvimakjenifer red

Hey, what about those old designs? Glad you asked! You can still pick up what’s left of our original print run of Epic Dungeons & Doritos Shirt and Ninja Teen Nerdy Show Logo on our main store. We’re selling those cheaper on our site because we can. Also, there’s limited availability on some sizes (though we’ve got a 4XL D&D which Amazon doesn’t offer). But if we ran out of your size or you always wanted a fem cut – now’s your chance on Amazon!

dnd  ninja teen

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