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Music To Listen To: Walter Sickert and The Army of Broken Toys

Posted by TheFifthSister on November 21, 2015

Army of Broken Toys - Liza Voll Photography

Lauren Furze is co-station manager on our streaming music station, Nerdy.FM. She also reviews the latest records from the multi-faceted Nerd Music genre and publishes her own tunes on her website, TheFifthSister, where this article was first published.

I love finding new music to listen to and one band that really has taken my notice lately is SteamCRUNK act Walter Sickert and the Army of Broken Toys.

I was introduced to them when their songs were added into rotation on Nerdy.FM and I have to say these guys are truly unique. “SteamCRUNK” does a fair amount to suggest tonally what you’re in for, but think of a blend of Abney Park and early Steam Powered Giraffe with a dash of experiment thrown in. Their music is a precarious balance of beauty and restrained chaos. They seemlessly blend styles we’ve come to associate with the steampunk genre but add flare of blues, indie, cabaret, circus, gypsy and so much more.

Songs seep elegance and sophistication, while being wholly other worldly. It’s almost like listening to tales from another plane of existence – I’m transported and my imagination is ignited. The Army of Broken Toys wield a fantastic range of instrumentation, complimented by the amazing vocal talents of Walter Sickert. The arrangements and production on their albums to date are breathtaking and it’s easy to lose yourself for a while in the sound.

And while I’ve only dipped my toe into their impressive catalogue, I’ve heard enough to know that this is a fantastic band that you’ve got to give a listen. I suggest starting with Soft Time Traveler:

They’re currently running a Kickstarter to fund their next album, Come Black Magic. Come help out/pre-order their next exciting outing into musical realms unknown and check out a song off the forthcoming record below.


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