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[Video] Random Encounter – Farewell Careless / 10 Year Anniversary Concert (Full) 10/3/2015

Posted by boR on October 16, 2015

On Saturday, October 3rd 2015, the founder, lead accordion player, and vocalist of Random Encounter played his final show with the band. It was a highly emotional, yet energetic show that those who were fortunate enough to attend will surely remember for many years to come. Fortunately for you, I was there to document this historic event, so that you can experience it yourself. Careless had been saving up phoenix downs for this event, and used them to resurrect fallen ex-members of the band to perform one last time as Random Encounter. They kicked off the show with the lineup they started with in 2005, and ended with the lineup that will continue on into the future.

For the uninitiated, Random Encounter is a rock band formed in 2005, currently based in Orlando Florida that has an accordion lead, and focuses on video game covers and video game inspired original songs. I highly encourage you to check out the links at the bottom of this post and listen to a song or twelve.

Why is Careless leaving the band? I went ahead and asked him, and this is what he had to say:

I’m departing the band to pursue my lifelong dream: Becoming King of the Ocean, and to focus what little time I have left on my comic book & podcast (Liberty). I’ll also continue to release music as Careless Juja from time to time. I don’t think it’s possible for me to give up music altogether at this point. It’s been an amazing 10 years with Random Encounter, and the most recent 5 were actually enjoyable. I’ll miss the current bandmates, our fans (most of which are actually personal friends to some degree) and all the adventuring, but I accomplished my original goal from when I started the band: I acquired the hidden soul of Koschei the Deathless. So I feel no regrets and am excited to appreciate Random Encounter as a fan.

That being said, I’ll still be involved with the band in a recording sense for at least the next album and will continue to pass out Random Encounter business cards to random strangers at conventions before disappearing into the tall grass.

Careless’s new podcast Liberty: Critical Research can be found right here on the Nerdy Show Network! I highly recommend giving it a listen. You can also keep up with his musical releases at the Careless Juja Bandcamp Page.

Does this mean that Random Encounter is going to be accordion free? Not at all! Somehow, the band found another accordion player capable of rocking out, and recruited him to join the band. I caught up with the band’s new accordion player, Jackson, and asked him how his experience with the band has been so far:

It’s swell. I come mostly from a classical music background, so playing in a band like this is, firstly, a refreshing and new experience. And the fact that Random Encounter has now been around for ten years and that this lineup has gone through five years of development makes my recruitment much easier, but also more difficult in some ways. Easier because these are cats who have already worked together for a while and, to say it simply, know what they’re doing. But it’s also difficult because they have naturally developed the band’s internal culture and mechanism for so long. I view my position as the newcomer to fit in and mesh with the extant musical infrastructure – to not try to change things how I would prefer them, but to “be on the same wavelength” as the other four members. They have done this among themselves; now it is my job to become a part of the fold.

But that’s not to say that I would even want to make changes to this band’s internal artistic machinery. It’s different from that which I’m used to, but I choose to celebrate that difference rather than resent it. I was a Random Encounter fan before joining, and, now as a member, I’m still a Random Encounter fan. When Careless said that he was departing the band, I know that the rest of the group took it seriously on the question of who will be the new member (or, indeed, if there even should be a new member). It is an honor to me to have been approached about joining the band, and it is an even greater honor to have officially joined the band at the nicest Einstein Bros. Bagels in Orlando.

What does the future hold for the band? Konami had this to say:

There are several adventures we know we’ll be having. The first and most significant one at the moment is a Space Rock Opera project that has been simmering for years. It’s big and scary, but at the same time we’re very pleased with how it’s been sounding as we progress! We’re also putting together plenty of new game tracks and constantly working on our live show to keep it fresh and fun. We’ll be working on a lot of this new stuff in the coming months and we’ll hopefully have a lot to share with everyone in 2016! Our next performance as of this moment is ShumatsuCon in Ohio, March 11-13, 2016.

Enjoy the video, go like Random Encounter on Facebook for the most up to date news, and be sure to throw them a few bucks by buying an album or two!

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