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Friday Night Fanfiction :: Fluff Me with Random Encounter!

Posted by Stevo on October 9, 2015

FNF 1400The drunken fanfiction podcast you’ve been waiting for! Friday Night Fanfiction combines dramatic readings of the worst-of-the-worst NSFW fanfic with drinking games.

Every end is a new beginning’s…uh, beginning! In this jam-packed episode, members of the band Random Encounter (Jackson, Kit, Moose, and Rook) join the Friday Night Fanfiction crew in finishing “Metroid High School” by 111SAMUSRIDLEY4EVA2006-chan and starting “The Long Way Out” by Jayrich.

“Metroid High School” ends with an all out war: a cameo appearance by a previous president, more cholera, and a doctor showing up in a sports car. Yeah, it was that kind of reading. However, “The Long Way Out” took our temporary G rating and smashed it into a hard R (and I do mean hard). This story, which is based on the obscure Disney show Jake Long American Dragon, feels like a spiritual sequel to “Rated F: A Phineas and Ferb Sex Comedy“. There’s trolls and leprechauns and lots of fluffing going on. Lolbooty.

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Readers: Stevo, David, Logan, and RANDOM ENCOUNTER: Jackson, Kit, Moose, Rook




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