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Liberty: Critical Research :: Entry 002

Posted by Archon Reeve on September 8, 2015

liberty1400 v3Embark on a dangerous expedition into the unknown in Liberty: Critical Research – a serialized sci-fi audio drama! Follow Dr. Kovski’s team into the Fringe, the lawless sector of a war-torn space colony.

Before setting off on the adventure to the Fringe, Dr. Kovski is first introduced to the Department of Fringe Research’s combat officers. This new entourage’s duty is to protect Kovski and his findings from the horrors and turmoil within the Fringe, but even they are strangers to what is to come.

Meet Officers Severous Ljqvist, Decima Jalloh, and Cato Patel, along with their guide, Senior Investigator Gradius Rodriguez, a Citizen who has spent years undercover defending Atrius from Fringe threats. As they get to know each other, the team makes peace with the quickly arriving deployment and that there is no promise of return.

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Written by Kaitlin Statz

Co-Created & Produced by Travis Vengroff

“Critical Research Theme” by Careless Juja

Mixing by Brandon Strader

Dr. Martollow Kovski :: Paul “Juja” Mella
Mrs. Tongs & Aurelia Stolo (radio host) :: Kaitlin Statz
Officer Cato Patel :: Bryan Keller
Officer Decima Jalloh :: Lauren Griffin
Officer Severous Ljqvist :: Travis Vengroff
Gradius Rodriguez :: John Carter

Special Thanks to:
Dr. Wily of the NESKimos  |  Adam Cartwright  |  Cap Blackard

Click Here For Full Sound Effect Credits

Liberty is a Trademark of Travis Vengroff. For more information about the Liberty universe please follow us on facebook or email to May the Archon watch over you!


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