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The Adventure Time Movie: Current Status and Continuity

Posted by Cat on July 14, 2015

adventure timeThis past February Warner Bros. and Cartoon Network announced that an Adventure Time film was in development. A daunting task and a potential recipe for disaster given the show’s complex characters, stories, and layered continuity. Would the film take place within the show’s universe? Or would it be a Hollywood-style cash in that skews far from the source material?

Questions further mounted at the naming of Chris McKay and Roy Lee  of The LEGO Movie as producers rather than the usual suspects behind the Peabody-winning show. The good news is that since the inception of this project Adventure Time‘s creator, Pendleton Ward has been attached to some measure of writing and producing for the film and that the film will be 2D animation, like the show. While details about the project are still vague, we’ve been provided a bit more information via a roundtable interview Nerdy Show participated in at San Diego Comic Con with Adventure Time‘s current showrunner and co-executive producer, Adam Muto, as well as some of the cast.

Muto stressed that the film is still very early in development stages, but added, “I think the idea is to tie it into the show so it’s satisfying for people who have watched [Adventure Time] for a long time, but obviously, it’s got to play to people who’ve never seen the show to be accessible still.” Understandable, but still risky – yet there is some hope Muto could offer that the film will indeed live up to Adventure Time‘s high bar of excellence: “Pen (Pendleton Ward) is working on premises that are really interesting and it’s stuff we haven’t done on the show yet.”

Ice King voice actor Tom Kenny added, “the movie would have to serve as a jumping on place for newer fans without being redundant for longtime fans –  so those LEGO dudes got their work cut out for ’em.”

adventure time

Adventure Time is currently in its seventh season. Most recently we saw several large plot threads wrap up and in season seven the show will break new ground with an 8-part episodic event. Muto elaborated that after the success of the critically acclaimed mini series Over the Garden Wall, Cartoon Network asked the Adventure Time crew if they’d be interested in doing a multi-episode “event”.

The long-form story is called “Stakes” and will focus heavily on the backstory of Marceline the Vampire Queen. The official plot reads: “Finn and Jake face a new threat to Ooo when Princess Bubblegum’s experiment unleashes ghosts from Marceline’s past.” The episodes are schedule to air around Halloween. Though they’ll form a standalone narrative, they’ll still occur within the flow of season 7.marceline

Of “Stakes” Kenny says, “it’s a picaresque… an episodic 8 episodes like Don Quixote or something – Cervantes meets Pendleton Ward.

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