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EPIC PIEcast :: Episode 34 :: Superfriend Rachel Gluckstern

Posted by Nelson-Lugo on July 30, 2015

piecast_new_300It’s EPIC PIEcast! Party with Nelson Lugo, Schaffer the Darklord, and Rachel Schenk as they dust off every corner of pop culture for discussion, debate, and deconstruction with all the snark and witty banter that they can muster.

This month the EPIC PIEcast crew works in duos. With Lugo out of the office under mysterious circumstances, Rachel and Schaffer take the wheel to discuss Ant-Man and read listener mail. Then Rachel takes a knee as Lugo “returns” in a pre-recorded interview with former DC Comics editor Rachel Gluckstern (Batman & Robin, Detective Comics, Teen Titans) before the gang announces a thematically-appropriate contest! Will a morbid fascination get the best of Schaffer? Will Rachel need a walkthrough? Where the hell IS Lugo anyway? These questions and more will barely be glossed over in this month’s episode.






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