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Nerdy Show 230 :: Putting the “Sci” Back Into “Sci-Fi”: An Interview With FutureDude’s Jeffrey Morris

Posted by NerdyShow on July 28, 2015

ep230 600If you’re exhausted with supposedly “sci-fi” summer blockbusters coming up short, you’re not the only one. Introducing FutureDude an entertainment company dedicated to better living through science.

Cap and Jessica caught up with FutureDude mastermind, Jeffrey Morris, at San Diego Comic Con celebrating a year of exciting projects. They’re conquering every medium with hard sci-fi stories: film, animation, comics, and beyond. From the dimension-hopping Parallel Man, to the undersea survival tale, Oceanus, Morris is building an empire of thrilling stories charged with the adventurous spirit that constantly eludes mainstream media.

We discuss the hazards of forging a decidedly different path, growing up dreaming of the future, and the cool projects to come. Plus Cap and Jess share the latest announcements from The Nerdy Show Network.

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