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Star Wars: The Old Republic Unlocks Story Mode With Knights of the Fallen Empire – New Details and Extended Trailer Revealed

Posted by Cat on June 15, 2015

TOR KnightsStar Wars: The Old Republic was launched with fan’s hopes that they’d find the immersive BioWare roleplaying storytelling they’d come to know and love from the Knights of the Old Republic (KotOR) series. As an MMO, that didn’t quite come to pass, offering lighter fare. Now, that’s all changing. The just announced Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion builds a KotOR-style story into the previously existing game.

When initiating the new story, players find themselves frozen in carbonite only to wake hundreds of years later, with a new faction raising hell against both the Empire and the Republic. You can pull in your character (if they’re over level 60) or automatically generate a level 60 character just to play this unique story that promises the high drama and difficult choices BioWare’s Star Wars titles were known for. Don’t believe us, just check out this extended trailer for the game where you get to know your adversaries, The Eternal Throne:

The expansion launches on October 27th and is totally free, provided you have Star Wars: The Old Republic. . For more exciting Star Wars news and speculation – check out our podcast series State of the Empire where we “Look For News in Alderaan Places”.

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