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Rainbow Six Siege Multiplayer Hands-On

Posted by Brandon on June 20, 2015

rainbow 6 siegeRainbow Six Siege is the Tom Clancy game you’ve waited your whole life for. In a classic return to the original games you know and love, this installment features one-shot, one-kills and fast-paced deaths. As a result, Siege can only be played as a strategic game that requires a lot of cooperation between team members. If running and gunning is what you want, maybe you should try your hand at something less realistic, like Call of Duty, but this – this is for me.

Let me run you through a match I played. I didn’t get to try out the solo mode with Angela Bassett, instead I got 5 vs. 5 multiplayer – and that’s just fine. Multiplayer is where it’s at. First, I was on the defending side. The team all agreed on one location to defend. We had one member supply us with armor, another with mobile shields we could setup. The rest of us barricaded every door and window leading to the central room. Even though the drywall surrounding us could easily be shot through or sledgehammered to death, we put up solid metal barricades and hoped the enemy didn’t have many breach charges to use.

After the initial setup period was over, we realized they had found our location by sending a drone under one of the doors. They were coming. A loud explosion and several seconds later, one of our barricades on the outside perimeter collapsed. The enemy still weren’t at the central room yet, so we drilled a few holes into the door’s barricade in order to see and shoot through. As soon as I saw a face through the door it was over. I lay dead on the ground as my other team mates shouted on the mics. We got one of them, but we were all laid out in seconds.

On the next round we were on the offensive. This time we had 30 seconds to use our Sphero-like bots to try and find their location. Just when we thought we had found them, they activated a jammer and it was gone. The good news was we knew which building they were in, but we didn’t their exact location. Our leader was out in front with a bulletproof ballistics shield. I was the sledgehammer guy. He scaled the side of a building and broke a small hole in the barricaded window. No contacts. He climbed up to the second floor where he saw one run by. We all scaled the building and entered on the second floor as he covered us. There was just one door in the room and the enemy was definitely covering it.

rainbox six siege

Someone threw a grenade and as they were momentarily stunned I used the sledgehammer on the drywall – busting into their stronghold. Our fearless leader put one foot through the door and was immediately under attack. I fell back and hid behind a box, my cowardice showing to everyone, including the audience behind me. I looked over the box at a small hole in the drywall, saw the flash of a muzzle, and I was dead. My team was wiped out yet again, but the game was incredible – a truly tense and gratifying experience.

This is the type of game I want: strategic, split second decisions, hyper realistic gameplay… That’s Rainbow Six Siege. Play the beta on all platforms starting September 24th and see for yourself.

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