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No Man’s Sky, Quite Literally

Posted by Brandon on June 16, 2015

If you’re anything like me, and I pray to all things unholy that you are not, then you’ve been waiting for the crazy, fun, exploration game No Man’s Sky. Well, you’ll have to keep waiting because game studio Hello Games didn’t tell us a release date other than “soon”. The good news however, is that they showcased plenty of cool new features at the Sony E3 conference.

First of all, the galaxy is so filled with planets that it’s virtually impossible for humankind to ever explore all of these virtual worlds. Ever. No Man’s Sky represents more content than can ever be discovered for all of eternity. Even long after we’re dead, eaten by animals, shit out, and eaten by newer species of animals. That’s more or less old news for No Man’s Sky, but until today’s demo the scope of it truly hadn’t sunk in.

How about this: did you know that every planet is fully destructible? They didn’t just say destructible terrain but “fully destructible”. Does that mean you can truly destroy an entire planet? I’m willing to try! There’s a problem to my plan though, even a little terrain destruction will summon sentinels that use lethal force to deter you.

no man's sky space

The demo also gave a hint as to how you’ll make money in the game. Exploration and discovery are your currency! Every time you discover anything new, be it a plant, animal, or entire planet itself, you can upload the data to a beacon which transmits the data to all players. The trick is, you may have to get to a beacon before you die lest you need to discover it all over again, which could be an incredible point of tension. If that’s the case explorers need to be as cautious as they are courageous. Will something cool happen if everything on a single planet is discovered? No idea, but it’s a fun prospect, especially if a player team-up is involved.

Another feature shown was a space battle between two factions. As a third party, you can pick a side, attack both, or ignore the conflict altogether – but the details of what effect this has on your game hasn’t yet been revealed. As much as I would like to think No Man’s Sky will come out before the holidays, I wouldn’t hold my breath. Unless you’re trying to kill yourself; then please do.

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