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Mighty No. 9 Hands-On at E3

Posted by Brandon on June 17, 2015

mighty no 9In case you’ve been cryogenically frozen for a few years, Mighty No. 9 is the fan-funded Kickstarter brainchild of Keiji Inafune. You know, the guy responsible for all the greatest classic Mega Man games. After kicking Capcom to the curb, he decided to make his own Mega Man-style game the way he wanted it. The game’s funding was a record-breaking success and now, two years later, it’s a reality. We’ve played it, fellow Beckers, and it’s awesome. 

Mighty No. 9 is as fast as any Mega Man X game and twice as fun. The controls are simple: jump, shoot, and dash, but they are used to the utmost extent and constantly – the way they were intended. I was assured by friendly console attendants that many other abilities and movement skills exist, but in the three playable levels at E3 we weren’t able to witness them yet.

Some of the level designs feature familiar scenarios such as falling down pits of one hit kill spikes for several screens or dashing through a conveyor belt that’s trying to push you into a wall of deadly lasers. That said, Mighty No. 9 is more than a retro clone. If this were a Mega Man title it would be the coolest entry in the series. Inafune has dynamically built on the character and style that you know and love, but Capcom refuses to create. The game also has several new and unique elements such as shooting enemies into pixels and dashing into them to absorb their data before they reassemble. This actually creates a whole new dynamic and I managed to get myself killed several times trying to boost my score by dashing into enemies too late. Doing this will improve your combo rating, your score, and allow for power ups to appear that can greatly amplify your attack power and speed if done successfully.

Of the three levels offered, I picked the hardest one. Even as a seasoned Mega Man veteran it was a steep challenge and gave me a taste of that mighty mega action I’d been missing for years. I’m pleased to say the level crushed me on my first play. It’s exactly what I wanted: a real challenge to overcome; the way it used to be, but better.

Mighty No. 9 drops September 15th across all platforms. Keep watching for our E3 coverage all week long, or join the discussion on the Nerdy Show Forums.

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