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Microsoft Unveils Boss-Level Controller at E3 2015

Posted by Brandon on June 16, 2015

xboxeliteMicrosoft unveiled a lot at their E3 2015 press conference. But the thing everyone is talking about isn’t HoloLens…it’s a new controller, dubbed the Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller.

You might be surprised. You might be thinking that it looks exactly like Microsoft’s current wireless controllers. You might also be thinking that the name is quite a mouthful. And you’d be mostly right. But the part that has us gamers excited is the seemingly infinite customization options in both hardware and software. And as the controller will work with Windows 10 and the Xbox One, this could easily become your preferred controller.

While any PC gamer is used to controllers programmable buttons, the “Elite” controller’s customizable power lies in a combination of swappable hardware and customizable software. The undercarriage of the controller has slots for several triggers that can be swapped out, removed, and mapped to different inputs at will.


Don’t like the D-Pad? Well, you can swap that out, too. Choose from the classic “plus” configuration or Xbox’s new faceted model. Do you hate those pesky thumb sticks? Microsoft has a couple options for you: remove them completely, or adjust their sensitivity in the app.

While I still don’t generally like the design of Microsoft controllers as much as a PS4 or GameCube (still the best, IMHO), I haven’t seen a controller like this before and am genuinely excited to try it out this year. We can all look forward to shelling out $149.99 in October.

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