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Mad Max Hands-On: What a Game, What a Lovely Game

Posted by Brandon on June 18, 2015

Since we saw a pre-alpha demo of Mad Max back in 2013 we’ve been longing to return to the wasteland. This E3 we got our chance. The following are the events that transpired.

The demo presenter had his agenda to show me the ropes, but I was like, “screw it!” I slapped a new chassis on my car and I hit the dust. Got a hot tip that there was a convoy not too far away and locked inside the lead car was a glorious new V8 – the mightiest of engines. It would soon be mine.

mad max game 1

Wasn’t long before I could smell the sweet stink of petrol in the air. Shorter still that I caught sight of the dust cloud they left in their wake. As I approached from the rear, I punched up the nitros and rammed into the rear car of the convoy. I then shot his tank with my double-barreled shotgun and watched him explode into a glorious mist of fire and death. Then, being a novice with my harpoon, tried to ‘poon the car to my right but instead pierced the driver’s chest. I ripped him out of his car and dragged the bastard’s corpse through the rocks and dust.

That was that. I’d screwed the proverbial pooch and several other cars in the convoy had taken notice. As they turned to strike at me, I boosted straight down the center, towards the armored lead. I harpooned its back and tore off a panel, exposing a small crack to the compartment where they kept their fuel reserves. Two of the cars from the rear caught up with me on either side and lit the hell out of me with their flamethrowers. I immediately hit the brakes and fired my remaining shotgun rounds at their iron hides.

No lucky shots. Typical.

Foot on the gas I quickly caught up once more and rammed one of them off of a cliff. With my car badly damaged, my tires shredded, I hazarded to peel through the convoy and attack the lead again. I launched my harpoon and pulled off the rest of its armor. Slammed on the breaks, took out my rocket and passed it over to my mechanic in the back. After one shot, it was over. The armored car was blown wide open, exposing the V8 in all its glory.

The two remaining riders none to happy with me. Both slammed their breaks, turning 180° towards me. As the death on wheels came at me in a lethal charge, my mechanic shot another rocket off. One of the exploding cars flew right over me. The other hit me head on. Metal on metal. Shattering glass.

mad max game 2

Out of rockets, out of shells, I decided to burn some fuel. I spun the Magnum Opus around to come up alongside the last car. Flamethrowers on, I depleted nearly half of my fuel in a jet of red death. The coward accelerated away in panic, but I went after him. Nailing his rig from behind, I charged the wretch into the side of a mountain and oblivion.

I returned to claim my V8 and ordered my mechanic to get to work. It was a major upgrade from my prior engine. High from the chase, I decided to go for a joy ride. Amidst the desolate wastes I spied a car and floored it. As I got closer I noticed it wasn’t a hostile – just someone trying to repair their car, not causing me any trouble. I thought about helping them, but in a careless slip I ejected myself from the Magnum Opus at full speed. As I skidded around the shredding rocks, my car barreled straight into the person and their car. My mechanic screamed the whole time. The entire scene erupted into flames and the person, whoever it was, was now a charred skeleton. Little was left of their ride, save some parts I could scavenge.

As I limped over to my car, the demo presenter who had just witnessed me, said I had to move on. But I knew… I knew my journey in this world wasn’t over yet. It was just beginning. What a lovely game.

Mad Max hits consoles September 1st. Keep watching for our E3 coverage all week long, or join the discussion on the Nerdy Show Forums.

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