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Is Final Fantasy VII Remake Actually a Remake?

Posted by Brandon on June 16, 2015

Final Fantasy VII is coming back. When the trailer debuted during today’s Sony E3 conference, I went ape tits. Heck, I got goosebumps and pigeon nipples. But with all the amazing visuals something felt… off. The game might be calling itself “Final Fantasy VII Remake“, but the narrative and visuals imply something else, maybe something more. The events of FF7 are spoken of as though they’ve already happened and mention known events after the game.

The trailer’s awkwardly-translated narration features lines such as, “Long ago we looked upon a foreboding sky. The memory of the star that threatened all burns eternally in our hearts.” This clearly refers to the final series of events in FF7 when Sephiroth summons a giant meteor to destroy the world – it’s past tense. What’s more, they show and discuss events from the sequel film, Advent Children: “in its wake came an age of silence,” clearly referring to kids being infected with Geostigma.

“Someday we will see them again… After the long calm there is now the beginnings of a stir.” These lines could easily imply the game features sequel content following Advent Children. During the final shot, we see Barrett and Cloud walking through the streets and the narrator proclaims, “They are coming back – at last the promise has been made.” If it wasn’t for the word “Remake” thrown up at the end of the trailer I’d have figured this for a sequel.

Don’t get be wrong. I really want a remake to FFVII. Their sequel track record isn’t so great. But the narration… it just doesn’t sit right. Only other answer I have is that the narrator is speaking from a point in future, looking back on the events of the FFVII chronology. With lines like, “The promise has been made, and they are coming back” he’s breaking the 4th wall too – talking directly to the audience. If the game uses a narrative device like that, what does it mean for the Final Fantasy VII experience? Will it flow differently? Will it go beyond the events of the original game? Only time will tell – maybe at tomorrow’s Square-Enix panel.

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