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For Honor is the Gladiatorial Combat Game You’ve Been Waiting For

Posted by Brandon on June 15, 2015

for honor

Ubisoft brings the warfare of yore like you’ve never seen it before. Become a samurai, viking, or knight and hack and slash your way through history.

The game was revealed at Ubisoft’s E3 conference and offers massive scale medieval combat that defies historical context in favor of sheer awesomeness. We see knights fighting samurai, vikings fighting knights – pandemonium. What they’ve shown so far is large-scale battles reminiscent of Dynasty Warriors style-games, with both AI soldiers and real players on each side. You’ll hack and slash through the lesser enemies to control the tide of battle, but the real heart of this game is when you run into an actual player on an opposing side. Combat styles differ between factions, and so does the outcome depending on your skill level.

I’ve wanted a gladiator style fighting game for ages, and based off what little we’ve seen so far, For Honor could be the one I’ve been waiting for. The battles have a smooth frame rate and are quite beautiful amidst all the chaos. When the E3 show floor opens I’ll be sure to get some hands-on to see how good it really is. Keep watching for our E3 coverage all week long, or join the discussion on the Nerdy Show Forums.

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