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EarthNight Hands-On: It Got More Awesome!

Posted by Brandon on June 18, 2015

Dragons have taken over Earth and it’s up to a 14-year-old girl and an old freelance photographer to stop them! This is EarthNight, a completely hand-drawn runner about the dragon apocalypse that consequently forced mankind to flee into space.earthnight-1

Last year we met with Rich Siegel of Cleaversoft, the indie developer behind EarthNight. Even then, after only a couple of weeks of creating it on the PS4, the game was impressive and ranked as one of my favorite things from E3 2014. The core of the game hasn’t changed since then, it’s only gotten better and even prettier. Let me reiterate: EarthNight features COMPLETELY hand drawn environments and characters with procedurally generated levels. It sounds awesome too with a kickass chiptune soundtrack by Chipocrite.

Now that the team at Cleaversoft has had a full year to add to EarthNight, I figured I’d check in at the Sony booth where it was being exhibited to see how it’s developing. (Not because I wanted another go or anything…) The game looks even more amazing than it did before! The graphics have been boosted to a stunningly beautiful 60fps, featuring more hand-drawn details, dragons, and worlds. This time, I even made it past the mesosphere before accidentally falling onto one of the new crystal dragons. I died in a matter of seconds.


The game only uses two buttons. You might think it’d be a cakewalk. Nothing could be farther from the truth. EarthNight might take a lifetime to master. It is the most impressive two button experience I’ve ever played and I can’t wait to take it on in full when it’s released. Though, with such a small team and everything being hand drawn, it might be awhile. EarthNight is one of those games that’ll be out when it’s done and not a moment before.

The team is shooting for early 2016, but I’m okay with waiting a little longer if it makes for an even more awesome experience. In the meantime, checkout the game’s progress at the Cleaversoft website. I hope you’re as impressed as I am, and if you aren’t what the hell is wrong with you? I hope you get eaten by a crystal dragon.

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