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Become a Minecraft God: Microsoft HoloLens: Minecraft Debuts

Posted by Brandon on June 15, 2015

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Arguably the most impressive item on display at this morning’s Microsoft Conference was their new HoloLens device and how it’ll work with Minecraft. The augmented reality tech debuted this January, and was the topic of discussion in many tech-savvy circles including our sci-tech crew here on Nerdy Show. The platform has had very few live demos, and today’s demo at E3 was easily the biggest biggest splash the tech has made yet. Truly, this is the most impressive use of augmented reality technology ever showcased for a mainstream audience, and what better way to grab the public’s attention than a special HoloLens version of Minecraft. Watch the full reveal here:

At first the wearer is simply able to play the game with a controller; the wall becoming a TV-like window into the game world. He then used voice commands to tell the visor to build the game world on a table. The seamless transition was unbelievable, as was the softwear’s recognition of the table surface, but all signs point to this truly having been a live demo. Another player was in the same game world via a Surface tablet and the HoloLens user could see her run around in this new virtual model version of the Minecraft world on the table.

Using more voice commands and hand gestures, the user altered his perspective on the world to scroll through the map, raise his perspective to show the land and building’s insides, and set waypoints for other character to follow. Causing lightning strikes is also no problem. Suffice it to say, we were well-impressed. For users more interested in Minecraft‘s creator mode, rather than the single player experience – this is a must-have. You’re sure to go mad with level design.

Is the technology is better suited elsewhere? Absolutely. Military applications, space stations, construction… That’s where the HoloLens tech is truly destined to shine. That said, yes – I’ll be getting one. Many questions remain unanswered like, “will we be able to use this on Nerdy Show‘s Minecraft Server of Awesome?” Never fear, more Minecraft HoloLens info is coming at Minecon this July.

Keep watching for our E3 coverage all week long, or join the discussion on the Nerdy Show Forums.


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