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Be A Complete Dick in Tom Clancy’s The Division

Posted by Brandon on June 15, 2015

the division

Ubisoft has shown Tom Clancy’s The Division the past couple years at E3. Each time the game’s featured a ton of promise, but constantly looming is the ever-present threat of Ubisoft selling a total lie as to the quality and content of the game. For that reason alone, I could care less about the title unless the company manages to make good on what they’ve shown. But dammit, they caught my eye again this year with a truly amazing feature: The ability to pull off dick moves.

The Division is an online RPG about survival in a desolate, quarantined New York City. When you come across other players you can decide to be a friend, a foe, or do nothing and just walk on by. As showcased at Ubisoft’s E3 conference, when you’re done with a mission you can decide to call in an evac and screw your party by keeping all the loot you’ve found. You’ll have 90 seconds to pull off all of your dick moves. Kill as many friendlies near the evac as you can! Murder your own party so they leave empty handed! HELL YES! Now that‘s a survival game.

Here’s my plan: I’m going to make a character named Dick_Move and all I’m going to do is kill my own team right before the helicopter takes off. They’ll never suspect it! For some reason Ubisoft thinks most people aren’t going to do this. Well Division fans, get ready to die at the end of every mission and leave empty handed! Now that’s what I call an online game!

Prepare to see me killing my own team, or at least trying really hard to, on March 8th when this ultimate troll of a game is released.

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