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Friday Night Fanfiction :: Everyone is Carl, Except for Meatwad

Posted by Stevo on May 29, 2015

FNF 1400The drunken fanfiction podcast you’ve been waiting for! Friday Night Fanfiction combines dramatic readings of the worst-of-the-worst NSFW fanfic with drinking games.

Every season of Friday Night Fanfiction, we close out by reading and epic longfic over the course of multiple episodes. It’s a profound test of fortitude. This is the calm before the storm: the last shortfic session. Before we dive into our longfic abyss with Harry Potter and Fate/stay night, we have this. THIS. This….actually, pretty awesomely written Phineas and Ferb fanfic by GeorgeGlass called “Rated F: A Phineas and Ferb Sex Comedy“.

It’s hilarious as long as you forget how freaking underage these characters are. (Though the story certainly tried to remind you every so often.) Join us for a tag-team guest line-up of readers. And since we had a few extra minutes, we indulged in some nostalgiacide by reading a Darkwing Duck fanfic by Commander called “Sweat” which explores creative applications for Liquidator’s water powers on Drake Mallard’s ward, Gosalyn.


Readers: Stevo, David, Roy, Val, Spencer, Steve, Evan, Sir Splee
Referee: Val



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