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Friday Night Fanfiction :: Dipples and Vipples

Posted by Stevo on May 15, 2015


FNF 1400The drunken fanfiction podcast you’ve been waiting for! Friday Night Fanfiction combines dramatic readings of the worst-of-the-worst NSFW fanfic with drinking games.

The FNF crew are joined by Kyle (HeroMax), Brad, and Tony for a romping cartoon free-for-all, smashing your childhood and adulthood animated loves with sardonic sexual encounters! We start with “On Bio-Mass” an Adventure Time ficapalooza by Twitchystitch where Princess Bubblegum devours Finn in the most sensual way possible. Sexy servings of pseudoscience! We follow this up with “Sex in the City” by Hairy Gregory, a Powerpuff Girls fic not nearly as bad as Comicsnix’s “Naked Heart: In Soul of the Sun“. Trust us when we say the story’s ending joke is worth trudging through the moistness dealt by Blossom’s bereaved buttcrack. Finally, we tear up the Thundercats with some sibling seduction in jj1a’s “Brotherly Love“. It’s a lot better than watching middle school elective wrestling, and about as erotic.

Keep an eye on our facebook page for the mentioned mspaintporn once we have a chance to censor it for the eyes of the world. It’s too horrible in its native state… like dark matter… or taco bell.


Readers: Stevo, David, Logan, Roy, Brad, Kyle, Tony
Referee: Val


  • Michael Johnson

    Sadly I have nothing to say about the Adventure Time story, as I can give no fucks about the series, but my only comment: Are people into that now?

    The Powerpuff girls story, uh, not only are two underage sisters having very shit involved sex, but it’s two girls who haven’t even hit puberty. If it was the anime version, I wouldn’t be disturbed because I think they are at the age of consent.

    The Thundercats story, I have nothing against yaoi time and time again, but this isn’t making me want to read any after that.

    We are still haven’t even made it to the long fic yet. And my choices are coming along with what I sent to you Stevo. Well still better than Futa hard.

    • Level99

      Looking forward to it! We actually have a bit of a special coming up tonight, as a unique opportunity has presented itself. Longfic is coming very soon though! Only 1-2 more episodes after tonight then we get started.

  • wondertwin0821

    I learned today that it can be dangerous to listen to this show while driving, as laughter can lead to tears in the eyes while operating a vehicle.

    • Level99

      Well, I know how I’m opening tonight’s show. “Warning: Driving while listening to this podcast may be construed as an attempt at suicide, as it’s hard to drive through tears of laughter.”

  • Wolfboy1988

    I know this episode is like 2 weeks old, but I would like to point out
    that it was Buttercup, not Bubbles, that was in Professor Utonium’s body
    in the episode mentioned.

  • jj1a

    I would appreciate it if you would say my story is one of the worst of the worst. I’m still starting out as a writer.

    If it was so bad you could’ve at least told me what I could’ve done better, instead of just putting it like this.

    • Level99

      Oh hey! I actually honestly enjoyed reading it, it was fun to go through and also fun to pick apart (we basically treat everything as if it is not above satire). If you’re looking for honest, critical feedback on how to make your work better, I’d be happy to pen you some notes. Same goes for if you were deliberately looking to make something terrible and want to know how to make it worse!

      We do hope that you continue your writing, and if you feel like you’d like to take us down a peg or two, or chastise us or whatever, we’d love to have you on the show. We could even read one of your fics together with you (we’ve never done that before).

      It’s kinda awesome you found this, honestly 🙂

      • jj1a

        I didn’t feel like I was being targeted I was just a little hurt. It was my first pure fanfiction. I usually write original stories or stories that involves things made by someone else and my own work.

        Also thank you for the the kind words on how good it was. The way I found this is that I was curios about my user name jj1a on the web. I find this show quite interesting and impressive.

        Never would have thought my story could be compered to a wrestling match in an erotic way. I thank you for that. My may of writing is mostly yaoi but I’m making one that is clean on (thought my user name is lamaj97 on there) and I have another on

        Thank you again and keep going with these awesome shows.

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