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EPIC PIEcast :: Episode 31 :: Human Resources

Posted by Nelson-Lugo on April 30, 2015

piecast_new_1400It’s EPIC PIEcast! Party with Nelson Lugo, Schaffer the Darklord, and Rachel Schenk as they dust off every corner of pop culture for discussion, debate, and deconstruction with all the snark and witty banter that they can muster.

The gang is BACK! The triumvirate of snark return to Studio 6C just in time to talk about trailers, Tax Day, and the worst jobs in the world. But that ain’t enough! We also answer listener e-mails. offer career advise, discuss drunk texts, and read/discuss/debat Luv Lyne follow-ups. Is Schaffer going wash dishes for Uncle Sam? Will Nelson ever win at auction? How many field reports will Rachel post? All or none of these questions will answered in this month’s EPIC PIEcast!






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