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Derpy Show: Adversaries :: Doomtown: Reloaded Faith & Fear Unboxing

Posted by Chan Sterling on April 10, 2015

Welcome to Derpy Show: Adversaries – a video series where hosts of the unscripted, unrefined, and completely uncouth podcast Derpy Show do righteous tabletop battle. Ruthless gaming and hilarious commentary every week!

Turns out, Robojoe and Chan do more than play Magic: the Gathering! They also love the card game Doomtown: Reloaded! Doomtown is a weird, Wild-West card game where players take on a whole faction of dudes while slinging lead and hexes at each other until someone controls the entire town.

To celebrate the release of the latest Doomtown expansion, Faith and Fear, the Derps take a crack at an unboxing video! We scope out all the new cards and brainstorm our next decks – check out part one above and part 2 below. Faith and Fear is out now at select retailers and available for preorder on Amazon (releases April 16th). For more information, check out AEG’s website.

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