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The Future of Tech Fashion is Here: Volvorii Timeless E-Ink Shoes

Posted by Jess on March 20, 2015

For years we’ve been teetering on the edge of tech wearables embedded in fashion. But up ’til now, circuits in clothing were reserved for 90s high topscelebrities attending galas, Superbowl halftime shows, and amateurs like myself stitching EL wire into bags. There hasn’t truly been any reasonably-priced, elegant, commercial wearable to hit the market.

Until now.

iShüu Technologies just launched an IndieGoGo campaign for the Volvorii Timeless smart heel. Starting with a base color of back or white, the shoe features flexible e-ink panels, à la Kindle, and allows users to customize the look of their shoes.


Changes are made via smartphone, connecting to the shoe through a Bluetooth LE receiver embedded in the sole. Wearers can choose from a variety of patterns to display on the shoe, or choose for a simple all-black or all-white number. Charging the shoes is done wirelessly, meaning there won’t be any awkward charging ports. And battery life won’t be a problem either. As anyone with a Kindle knows, e-ink displays require very little power to operate – so you can probably expect to only charge your shoes every few weeks.

As the shoe was originally designed for the Louis Vuitton Prize, iShüu Technologies currently can’t post any pictures of working prototypes as the shoe displayed the trademarked Louis Vuitton logo. You can, however, check out a video of the build process below.

Let’s hope that the Volvorii Timeless smart shoe marks the beginning of a digital clothing revolution. Personally, I cannot wait to be living in a world where EL tape lines my clothing and changes the color of an outfit at will. Or where LED-lined leather jackets with programmable light patterns fill the racks at department stores! The future is here, kids, and it starts with a peep-toe pump.

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