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Bits · Rhymes · and · Life :: Episode 9 :: When Ran met Mega…

Posted by K- Murdock on March 17, 2015

BRnL1400Enter the world of Bits, Rhymes, and Life with Mega Ran and K-Murdock, the foremost hip-hop gamers around.  In each episode, the duo narrate their tales – lavishly produced and soundtracked by K-Murdock for an immersive storytelling experience that delves deep into their nerdy lives.

This Bits, Rhymes, and Life – flashback to the summer of ’89 and the events that set Mega Ran on the path to rapping and gaming 20+ years later. Ran recounts stories ofthe movies, music and video games that shaped who he is today. It was in that fateful moment in time that he fell in love with the piece of media that would change his whole life: the Mega Man series! Discover Ran’s self-proclaimed romanticized interest in the blue bomber and find out how visiting family changed his world.


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