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The Nerd Groove :: Episode 8 :: The Best Nerd Music of 2014 Featuring Marc With A C

Posted by Dr. Vern on January 7, 2015

Nerd GrooveYour monthly fix for Nerd Music is here! It’s Dr. Vern’s The Nerd Groove!

On this episode, Dr. Vern is joined by fellow nerd musician and Nerdy.FM programmer Marc with a C to discuss the best nerd music of 2014. We give kudos to our favorite songs, albums, and artists that have made 2014 one of the biggest, baddest years the history of this genre. We also debate contenders for artist of the year. This is the episode of The Nerd Groove you cannot miss.

Featuring the Music of The Returners, MC Ohm-I, Alpha Riff, Mega Ran, The Doubleclicks, Adam Warrock, Schaffer The Darklord, Professor Shyguy, Adam Sakellarides, Nuclear Bubble Wrap, Devo Spice, I Fight Dragons, The Protomen, Tekforce, Pangalacticats, and YTCracker.

Groove out with us here on The Nerd Groove, and keep on grooving over at Nerdy.FM.

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  1. Don’t :: Schaffer The Darklord
  2. Tabletop :: The Doubleclicks feat. Adam Warrock
  3. Haters Gonna Hate ::Adam Warrock
  4. Like To Go Karting :: Adam Sakellarides
  5. The Master Sword Awaits :: The Returners
  6. Cornflake Girl :: Professor Shyguy feat. Amanda Lepre
  7. Lizards in the Sky :: Nuclear Bubble Wrap
  8. In The 80s :: Devo Spice
  9. Rock With Me :: Random aka Mega Ran
  10. Chicago :: I Fight Dragons
  11. The Man of a Hundred Guns :: Alpha Riff feat. Ish1da
  12. Danger Zone :: The Protomen
  13. Stand Up :: MC Ohm-I feat. Random aka Mega Ran
  14. I Ain’t Afraid of No :: TekForce feat. Doug Funnie and Dick Dasterdly
  15. Cosplayers Rock the Con :: Pangalacticats
  16. Fortune or Freedom :: YTCracker


Background Jams by The Returners:

  1. Phantom of the Opera
  2. Epic Saturday Morning
  3. Terran Two
  4. Battle of Doom Island
  5. The Best is Yet to Come



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