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Sailor Moon Crystal Act 13 Review :: Final Battle, Reincarnation

Posted by Jess on January 5, 2015


The battle with the Dark Kingdom draws to a close as the senshi face off with the final boss, Metalia. As always in our ongoing reviews of Sailor Moon Crystal, either watch the episode or be cool with spoilers because we’re not holding back!

First, I need to get this off my chest right off the bat: I’ve got the same beef with Crystal that I have with the manga…this episode ends in a weird cliffhanger. We get the build up to Sailor Moon’s defeat of Metalia, but you’ve got to wait until the next episode to see how it plays out. I would have thought the anime might have fixed this, but no dice. We’re just going to keep draaaaaagging eeeeeeeeverythiiiiiing ouuuuuuut – which is how we roll here on Crystal. Also, we’ll have some sub-par animation, but don’t worry, they’ll fix it for the Blu-Ray release.

In Act 12, we left off with Sailor Moon committing her own murder-suicide, ironically with the holy sword that’s meant to protect the princess. Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon fall, and are immediately enveloped by the Legendary Silver Crystal. Metalia sees her opportunity and gobbles them up while the other senshi look on in horror.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 13 - Sailor Moon murder-suicideAnd here’s where things take a turn from the manga, and not for the better. In both cases, the girls return to the surface, find it a barren wasteland, try to take Metalia down with their Sailor Planet Attack, and fail. In the anime, our girls then give up, believe there’s nothing left for them to do, and resolve themselves to the fact that Metalia has won. It then takes a Promise of the Rose moment to get the girls back in the fight.

Oh, that and a giant ghost Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 13 - giant Sailor Moon

But in the manga, the senshi are far more independent, returning to the command center to regroup. They discuss the situation with Luna and Artemis, with Venus leading the charge to return to the fight. Knowing the senshi aren’t powerful enough to defeat Metalia on their own, she directs the others to bring back Usagi and the Legendary Silver Crystal.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 13 mangaDetermined, Venus also suggests they throw away their transformation pens, declaring that she’s prepared to sacrifice her own life for the cause. THAT’s the badass Venus is supposed to be. A born soldier and leader, who knows when to cut losses and when to give up her life for a cause. In Sailor Moon Crystal, she’s a lame shadow of the original character and needs Sailor Moon’s ghostly encouragement to soldier on:

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 13, Venus gives up.So Venus is robbed, again. AGAIN. I’m still not bitter.

In spite of the major differences, the end result is still the same: the senshi throw away their transformation pens, sacrificing their powers and lives to help release the princess from Metalia’s belly. Usagi awakens and finds that Mamoru’s pocket watch (apparently made of adamantium) stopped the sword from killing her. After a few minutes of whining about her situation, Sailor Moon decides that it’s probably a good idea to ditch the maniac trying to digest her.

Using the Legendary Silver Crystal, Sailor Moon escapes with Tuxedo Mask to Point D. Sloooooowly, Tuxedo Mask awakens, and in an improvement from the manga, isn’t blind for no good reason. He tells Usagi she needs to defeat Metalia with the Legendary Silver Crystal, and Sailor Moon launches her assault. However, she quickly finds that she doesn’t have the necessary strength to seal Metalia without the help from her friends.

It’s then that we learn how Mamoru survived his stabbing. After death, his four generals (Kunzite, Nephrite, Zoisite, and Jadeite) turned to stone, hid themselves in Tuxedo Mask’s shirt, and protected him from the blade. (Made a bit more sense in the manga when the shitennou were dead and already turned to stone and Endymion collected them. But I’m not one to nitpick.)

The ghost of Kunzite then tells Endymion that Metalia’s weakness is the mark on her forehead. Ghosts of the other three shitennou then appear to wish Tuxedo Mask happiness before their stones explode and they disappear forever.


Tuxedo Mask then returns to the fight, playing the role he plays best: cheerleader. He tells Sailor Moon to have faith in herself and aim for the mark on Metalia’s forehead. Filled with confidence, Sailor Moon prepares to launch another assault, and…

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 13 - Sailor Moon's final attack…The episode ends. So realistically this episode is the REAL penultimate episode, with the defeat of Metalia coming next week. Or maybe Metalia will triumph and the world will end. Who knows? If Sailor Moon had the same mindset as Mercury, Jupiter, Mars, and Venus, it just might be plausible.

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  • Andreia

    Well, to be honest, I´m very happy to see all senshi having the iniciative to give up their lifes for Usagi and not for Venus orders, because is all what she knows to do in manga, give orders to the others. In manga she only knows to say “Lets gonna sacrifice or pens” and without an explanation. And the others have to follow her by force. In Crystal we could see the real reason that lead them to sacrice their pens. To bring Usagi´s back, because they trust in her. I´m tired of Venus leadership in manga. She only knows to give orders and feel superior to the others. For me, Usagi is the best leader that I ever saw. Sorry but, I´m tired of Venus in Sailor Moon manga.I loved her in Sailor V manga but then I lost some of my admiration for her. I like Usagi more.

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