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Sailor Moon Crystal Act 11 Review :: Reunion, Endymion

Posted by Jess on December 8, 2014

Welcome back to our ongoing review of Sailor Moon Crystal!

In Act 11, Mamo-chan has returned to Earth! But wait – Is it really Mamo-chan, or his evil twin Endo-kun? And why are the senshi on the floor again? What happened to that badass fight sequence from episode 10? Find out by tuning in or reading on!

sailor moon crystal episode 11

As is common in Sailor Moon Crystal, we start the episode with a dream sequence. I would complain that these dreams are overused, but they’re so well executed that I can’t say anything.  The art is always gorgeous and it does a fantastic job setting the tone of the episode. Take this episode for example: Usagi is still heartsick and worried over Mamo-chan’s disappearance, but puts a brave face on for her friends. We might not even glimpse any of her inner turmoil during the show were it not for these short peeks into her mind.



Later, on her way to school, Usagi bumps into a man who looks suspiciously like Mamoru Chiba. She can’t be sure because he doesn’t turn around; he’s in too much of a hurry to change outfits and get to the arcade. (Seriously, he wearing a school uniform, bumps into Usagi; one shot later, beige sweater. Anyway…)

At the arcade, evil Mamoru assumes the role of Endo, Motoki-oniisan’s BFF. In the manga, Mamoru is supposed to kill Endo, but the anime is a bit more tame and Endo just walks away due to hypnotic suggestion. Clearly having excellent taste, Endo-Mamoru takes an interest in the Sailor V game and sits down to play.

Meanwhile, the girls gather at Ami’s place to discuss the holy sword retrieved from the moon. Minako apparently walked all the way to Ami’s place and past security just carrying a large, ornate sword. It probably wasn’t a problem because she’s just so adorable. I mean, just look!

sailor moon crystal episode 11 minako with sword


Once inside, the girls learn that Ami has been running some tests on the sword. She reports that the sword is made of a hard, poisonous, and alien material. She demonstrates its strength by asking Minako to hit a diamond with the sword. The diamond shatters, and Minako apologizes profusely. But Ami’s all like, “Weren’t you girls just commenting on how fancy my building is? This ain’t nothing, I’ve got diamonds coming out the ying-yang, and thought this would happen.”

Overwhelmed by the discussions, Usagi falls asleep and awakens later in Ami’s room. She recalls the similarities to the time she woke up in Mamoru’s apartment, and decides she needs to play the Sailor V game to clear her mind. Drawn to the arcade, she walks in to find the Mamoru-look-alike from earlier seated at one of the arcade cabinets. Motoki introduces him as his good friend, “Endo-kun.”

Endo appears to be delighted to meet Usagi, and turns out to not be a total bozo of a bad guy. Upon meeting, the first thing Endo remarks on is how similar Usagi’s hairstyle is to that of Sailor Moon. DING, DING! We have a winner! Finally a villain who is able to see through to the fact that the girls look exactly the same when they transform!

sailor moon crystal episode 11 - Endo tries to brainwash Usagi


Endo continues to use Usagi in an attempt to gain access to the senshi’s secret command center. Convinced that she must be Sailor Moon, he probes her on where Sailor Moon and Sailor V might hang out when not fighting. Fortunately, she’s not swayed by his hypnotic suggestion, and flees the scene.

Noticing Usagi’s distress, Mako-chan confronts Endo and tells him to stay away from Usagi. Unfortunately, it turns out Mako is susceptible to hypnosis and lures the girls to the control room. There, she attempts to steal the Legendary Silver Crystal from Usagi before being knocked out by Rei. Tuxedo Mask then appears from the shadows with Motoki, revealing that he sent Mako after them.

In an excruciatingly long transformation sequence, Minako, Rei, and Ami transform. I can only assume they needed to eat up a little time in this episode, because it seems extremely inefficient for the girls to transform sequentially. Though Venus gets to pose for the first time, so I guess can let this slide.

The fight ensues, and once again the senshi’s attacks are useless. Tuxedo Mask knocks them down one by one, during which two things cross my mind: 1) What happened to the kick-ass fight sequences from last episode? and 2) Why is Tuxedo Mask always significantly more powerful when he’s evil? Seriously. It happened in the OG anime too!

Since the senshi are once again useless, Tuxedo Mask takes possession of the Legendary Silver Crystal.

Usagi cowers away from the fight, distressed that the senshi are fighting Tuxedo Mask. Unable to transform due to her shock, Luna attempts to break Usagi from her stupor by attacking Tuxedo Mask. Though in the end, Luna is just a cat and is knocked (rather violently) to the ground. Confident that the man she loves isn’t capable of such a feat, Usagi finally transforms.

Allow me to pause here and comment on the amazing choice of transformation music in this scene. At this moment, Usagi is grieving over the harm done to her partner and heartsick over the possibility of losing the man she loves. I’m certainly no audiophile, but the usual cheery, upbeat transformation music would not work here. Instead, we’re treated to a more epic-sounding score that builds the feeling that a major, life-changing battle is about to ensue.

Sailor Moon is quick to heal Luna, Mako, and Motoki before turning her attack on Tuxedo Mask. As with the other senshi, he easily knocks it aside with a flick of his cape. It’s at this point that Queen Beryl decides to make her appearance and congratulate Tuxedo Mask on his good work. She reveals that the man next to her is in fact Endymion, and won’t it be wonderful that Sailor Moon will get to die by his hand?

And with that, another exciting episode of Sailor Moon Crystal comes to a close. While I would have preferred to see the senshi fight a little more effectively against Evil Tuxedo Mask, the episode did a great job building emotions for next episode. If they stick to the manga, we might just have a tear-jerker on our hands! Check out the preview below:

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