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Sailor Moon Crystal Act 10 Review :: Senshi in Space!

Posted by Jess on November 17, 2014


Ten episodes in and we’re still going strong; welcome back to our ongoing reviews of Sailor Moon Crystal! As always, before we get started, you should either watch the episode or not care about spoilers. Ready? Let’s go!

When we last left things, Tuxedo Mask was taken prisoner by the Dark Kingdom and the gang decided to head to the moon in an effort to uncover the secrets of their past. Luna announces that they will depart at the next full moon. This declaration prompts Ami to do what she does best and research the hell out of the moon.

sailor moon crystal episode 9 - ami researches the moon“The moon..its mass is about one-eightieth of Earth’s mass. It’s surface gravity is one-sixth of Earth’s surface gravity and its diameter is one-fourth of the Earth’s.” She’s so cute. I can’t stand it!

The girls then wonder how they’ll get to the moon, since Luna probably isn’t hiding a rocket ship in that secret base of theirs. The all-knowing and still mysterious Minako tells the other senshi that she’ll tell them when the time comes.

Later, we finally see some “normal girl” Usagi at home with her family. Poor Kenji finally makes a second appearance by presenting Usagi with the Legendary Silver Crystal he had made into a pendant.  We see a lovely contrast here as Usagi goes from pensive princess with Legendary Silver Crystal in hand to bratty 14-year-old, demanding her little brother stop playing her video game.

usagi and shingo fight in sailor moon crystal episode 10Ah, I remember having fights like these with my younger brother…

The full moon arrives and the girls make for Ichinohashi Park for their journey to the moon. After a minor seizure, Luna calls forth a glowing yellow circle which Minako has the group to step into. The girls do so, and use their transformation energy to teleport to the moon.

Luna guides the girls to Mare Serenitatis, where the ruins of the moon kingdom lies. There the girls find a sword stuck in a stone. With no Arthur, son of Uther Pendragon, in sight- Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter try to pry the sword from the stone. It budges a bit, at which point Venus steps forward, flexes her muscles, and says, “Move aside girls, I got this.”

sailor moon crystal episode 10 - venus pulls a sword from the stone

She succeeds, and the sword’s release triggers the digital will of Queen Serenity. She appears as the most adorable of tiny holograms to tell the senshi about their past lives. We don’t really learn anything new here: Serenity snuck down to earth to meet Endymion, he died protecting her, and Queen Serenity sealed off the evil. This recounting was far more dramatic in the manga, with Queen Serenity adding her own feelings and sorrows to the story. Sailor Moon Crystal falls a little short here, where the trip to the moon is hyped up, but no real new information is learned.

sailor moon crystal episode 10 - little queen serenity

However, we do learn that Serenity took her own life after Endymion fell protecting her. Really happy to see this stay in, though we still don’t get any blood effects. Ah, well. Can’t win ’em all.

Down in the Dark Kingdom, the shitennou have grown suspicious of Beryl and follow her as she meets with Queen Metalia. As they eavesdrop, they briefly regain their memories as knights who defended Prince Endymion. However, the revelation is short-lived as Beryl immediately re-brainwashes them. She sends them back to the surface to attack the princess and steal the Legendary Silver Crystal.

To draw out the senshi, Kunzite freezes all life in Tokyo. (And how this doesn’t cause everyone to die of hypothermia, I’ll never know.) The senshi and shitennou face off, and we finally get some kick ass battle sequences that don’t just knock the senshi unconscious. Partway through the battle, Venus begs Kunzite again to stop fighting them and remember who he was. This causes the battle to pause as the others demand to know what Venus meant.

What ensues is a rather anti-climactic moment, where Sailors Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter remember falling in love with Zoisite, Nephrite, and Jadeite, respectively. With this new knowledge, the senshi refuse to fight back against their attackers. This might have been beautiful, if the revelation wasn’t so sudden and without context. Instead, the senshi just seem like silly, lovesick school girls.

With Sailor Moon there to save the day the girls don’t remain in danger long. She attacks the shitennou with her tiara (which is interesting, considering she doesn’t wear one anymore) before heading off into space to unfreeze the city with Moon Healing Escalation.

sailor moon crystal episode 10 - moon healing escalation

While Sailor Moon saves the day, the senshi finally come to their senses and realize they need to fight back. After all – they’re they ones that are supposed to protect the princess, not the other way around. Sailors Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus combine their powers for the dreaded Sailor Planet attack – which sends the shitennou running.

Having failed to get the Crystal yet again, Beryl decides to take advantage of Tuxedo Mask. Using Queen Metalia’s power, she awakens Tuxedo Mask and sends him to the surface to kill Serenity and steal the Legendary Silver Crystal. Poor, brainwashed Mamoru complies and returns to Tokyo with his eye on Crown Arcade.

In Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 10, Beryl brainwashes Tuxedo Mask.

Despite my minor nitpicks, this was easily one of the strongest episode of Sailor Moon Crystal to date. We had gorgeous art, endearing civilian moments, engaging battles, and the stage set for more drama and heartbreak. Though we’ll have to wait THREE weeks AGAIN for the story to continue. So in the meantime, just keep re-watching the trailer for episode 11 again and again. I know I will.

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