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The Nerd Groove :: Episode 6 :: Love, Hater-Aid, & Final Fantasy

Posted by Dr. Vern on October 28, 2014

Nerd GrooveYour monthly fix for Nerd Music is here! It’s Dr. Vern’s The Nerd Groove!

What is Nerd Music? In a genre made up of many genres – what are the qualifiers?  There are lots of viewpoints on the topic and we’ll dive headfirst into them this episode.

In this ever-growing genre, there’s plenty of new tracks to share, and we do – but we’ll also be exploring a couple musical styles the reconnect with the golden age of Nerd Music: The 80s. Finally, we’ll hear music from Nobuo Uematsu’s masterpiece, Final Fantasy VI reimagined by groups paying tribute to this wonderful game.

Groove out with us here on The Nerd Groove, and keep on grooving over at Nerdy.FM.

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  1. Flash/Battle Theme :: The Protomen
  2. Righteous Bad-Ass :: Jesse Dangerously
  3. Terra’s Theme :: Select Start
  4. Edison Device :: Architects of Fear
  5. Game Over :: Skyblew feat. Whizkid and Mega Ran
  6. Dick’s Automotive :: The Rugburns
  7. Star Lord :: Adam Warrock
  8. So, That’s When They Turned into Zombies :: The Pangalacticats
  9. Jokes Bro, Jokes :: 2D6
  10. Star Wreck :: Armcannon
  11. M is for Magic Missle :: Mary Crowell
  12. Fette’s Vette :: MC Chris
  13. Dr. Jones :: Moonmen from Mars
  14. Splash Woman :: Mega Ran
  15. Nugget Man :: Paul and Storm
  16. Sufficiently Suffonsified :: Wordburglar
  17. The Veldt :: The World is Square
  18. Bad Habits :: Torrentz featuring MC3PO, Klopfenpop, Fatback Supreme, and Milk Plus


Background jams from Alpha Riff’s VI: Final Fantasy VI Tribute:



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