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Episode 197 :: Fallout: Tales From the Wasteland

Posted by NerdyShow on October 27, 2014

FalloutWelcome, vault-dweller, to the Wasteland! All the greatness of humanity has been obliterated by cleansing, nuclear fire, and all that’s left are irradiated dreggs clinging to life in the ruins of what once was. In this Microsode, the Nerdy Show crew has been called on to discuss one of the greatest game series of all time: Fallout.

Join Cap, Brandon, Doug, LaForge, and Matt as they share their favorite stories from the Wasteland. Every player’s adventures in any Fallout title is the stuff of legend. Putting dynamite on a child, getting eaten by giant ants, hiding from super mutants… there’s so much to love… and fear. We spin tales from the series’ 1997 debut to its revitalization with Fallout 3, and discuss the forthcoming Fallout 4. Plus we share what’s to come when the Nerdy Show Network Patreon launches in November!

Thanks to Redion for the Microsode topic!

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