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The Real Congregation :: The Ballad Of The House :: 09/16/14

Posted by MarcWithaC on September 16, 2014

real congregation 1400We’re here, right now. Let’s take advantage of that with a monster-sized episode of The Real Congregation. Everything could be gone in the blink of an eye. For all you know, you could wake up tomorrow in some Caprica-style artificial heaven, and you wouldn’t have fully seized all of your days. You don’t want that guilt transferred into your afterlife, and believe me – guilt is transferable. So is every bad memory, everything left undone, and remembrances of every plant you didn’t water. Those plants go with you to your afterlife, except now they can communicate with you. You’ll try to reason with them, and while they’ll ultimately be content in the digital afterworld of your design, the plants will mostly want to know why you decided to kill them on top of being too busy to listen to The Real Congregation.

In this episode, Marc With a C attempts to separate art from artist, talks about the impossibility of having a true “guilty pleasure”, and plays a few strange records, but it’s all futile in the long run. We’ll all be dust and bones and these episodes will eventually be ruined by solar flares. Might as well tune in while your internal matter can make some sense of it all.


  1. The Ballad Of You, Me and Pooneil :: Jefferson Airplane
  2. We’ll Be Right Back :: Steinski & Mass Media
  3. Fake Adult :: The Great Luke Ski
  4. You Ready For The Sex Girls? :: The Gleaming Spires
  5. Guns and Roses :: Lana Del Ray
  6. Nothing Is Impossible :: Carole King
  7. Real Talk :: R. Kelly
  8. Hold On :: Yes
  9. Chanty :: The Village Bicycle
  10. Lucky Number :: Lene Lovich
  11. Roadrunner :: The Modern Lovers
  12. Affection :: Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers
  13. My Affected Accent :: Jonathan Richman
  14. Of a Kind :: One
  15. I Saw My Dinner On TV :: John Hegley & The Popticians
  16. Stewardess :: SElf
  17. Trunk Fulla Amps :: SElf
  18. The Ghost In You :: Robyn Hitchcock
  19. The House At Pooneil Corners :: Jefferson Airplane





About MarcWithaC

I was born at a very young age. After that, I made a lot of records. Used to host The Real Congregation for Nerdy Show. Now I just sort of pop up when needed, and I'm the general manager for Nerdy.FM, our 24/7 radio station dedicated solely to nerdy music! Also, still making records.

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