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Episode 194 :: Community Update :: D&D Q&A, The Microsodapalooza, and More!

Posted by NerdyShow on September 22, 2014

ep194We interrupt your weekly fix for topical nerdy podcasting with an important news bulletin: there’s some crazy-cool stuff happening this week!

Cap and Community Manager Trench share new details on our streaming events: the D&D Q&A and The Microsodapalooza. The D&D Q&A is a call-in show with the cast and crew of our tabletop roleplaying show Dungeons & Doritos and The Microsodapalooza is a a six-hour marathon recording session where we take on 22 fan-requested topics spanning every corner of nerdom.  Both are coming this week and w reveal new details on the shows as well as discuss how you can get in on the action.

We also talk other community news including our Ghostbusters roleplaying equipment on the verge of release, and announce a brand-new show coming to The Nerdy Show Network: Friday Night Fanfiction!

D&D Q&A: Wednesday, Sept. 24th at 7PM EST  |  Microsodapalooza: Saturday, Sept 27th at 3PM EST — Watch for where to watch the day of!



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