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Episode 193 :: It’s Your Density… We Mean, Your Destiny :: DESTINY REVIEW!

Posted by NerdyShow on September 14, 2014

ep193It’s Nerdy Show The Nerdy Show Network’s flagship podcast!

Destiny is a funny thing. Sometimes your destiny is for Darth Vader to come down from Planet Vulcan and tell you that if you don’t take Lorraine out, that he’ll melt your brain. Other times, Destiny is a brand-new video game from the beloved sci-fi studio that brought you Halo and Marathon. This episode is a little of column A and a little of column B.

Join Cap, Brandon, Tony, and Colin for a Destiny review – What kind of game is it really? FPS? MMO? Dungeon crawler? Bust-A-Move clone? We delve into the expectations, realities, and share some of our favorite experiences playing the game. Heck, why should we have all the fun, why don’t you join our clan “Guardians of the Nerdy” – together we will be mighty and repel The Darkness. But it’s not just Destiny we’re talking about… it’s also our density. And believe us, it’s heavy.

Cap traveled to the UK and, in a strange turn of events, also went to Hill Valley, CA circa 1955. He shares his experience time traveling via Secret Cinema’s unprecedented interactive screening of Back to the Future staged within a full recreation of the town!


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