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Episode 190 :: Lightning Dogs Never Turn Tail

Posted by NerdyShow on August 4, 2014

ep190 lightning dogs 300THE LIGHTNING DOGS RETURN!

The Lightning Dogs are everything we ever loved about sci-fi animation. Tune in as we brainstorm our 80s-inspired, post apocalyptic, action figure-ready, cartoon universe!

Last week, we rounded out the Lightning Dogs team: six canine heroes empowered with special abilities and trapped in a desolate, mutant wasteland.  They seem unstoppable, right?  WRONG! This week it’s all about the villains and exploring the torched and warped rock once called “Earth”. Who are the freakish minions ruled by Glampire? What lurks in the churning seas and in the farther reaches of the Wasteland? And if there’s any human survivors – what horrors have they become? Join Cap, Hex, Doug, Tony, and Wall

Also in this episode: the true origin of the Wolfman A.I. – be there or be square!



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