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Nerdy Show Network – Month in Review: June 2014

Posted by Trench on July 1, 2014

Hey there Nerdy Show Fans! – Nerdy Show Community Manager, Trench here!Community update 300 This is the Nerdy Show Community Update, chronicling  all the Network happenings of the month.

Nerdy Show has put in some miles this month between E3 in L.A. and HeroesCon in Charlotte, so we’re looking forward to being able to catch our breath for a bit in July. We also delved into our microsde list, finished most of the prep work required for bringing the entire Network over to SoundCloud; and have some super- exciting new projects in the works.

Flame ON! did some HeroesCon coverage of their own, released a new Drag Is The New Spandex episode with Chrysanthemum, and reviewed MalificentGame of ThronesOrange is the New BlackPenny Dreadful, and Mario Kart 8!

Wicked Anime checked out Power Rangers and Super Sentai, Mario Kart 8, talked about the decay of the internet, Subway sandwiches, and speculated wildly on what we would see at E3 this year.

Epic PIEcast brought in #1 fan C. Muldrow to join Nelson, Schaffer and Charles in their discussion of the latest in pop culture and interviewed rapper Coolzey.

The Real Congregation tracked the progression of Robyn Hitchcock over his nearly 40 year career, brought back “Strange Records of the Week”, and embraced some self indulgence by playing whatever struck Marc’s fancy at the time!

This Month’s Bits · Rhymes · and · Life  was the story of how Random & K-Murdock linked up to create Forever Famicom, as told by K-Murdock himself!

The Nerd Groove continued to explore the past, present and future of the Nerd Music genre and posed the question “Is Nerd Music a niche, or the golden age of the next big thing?” before delving into several big names hailing from Canada!


– Upcoming Convention/ Festival Appearances –

San Diego Comic Con: July 24th-27th in San Diego, California.

:: Nerdy Show ::


ep179_2 300ep180 300ep181 300ep182 300ep183 300ep184 300ep185 300ep186 300

Episode 179 :: Nerdy Show Heads to E3 2014
Episode 180 :: E3 2014 – Day 0 – The Media Conferences
Episode 181 :: E3 2014 – Day 1 – Nintendo’s Gamble, Disney Infinity, & Beyond
Episode 182 :: E3 2014 – Day 2 – Zombies, Virtual Reality & One Terrifying Alien
Episode 183 :: E3 2014 – Day 3 – Batman: Arkham Knight, Destiny, Evolve, & More
Episode 184 :: Movies That Actually Need Sequels
Episode 185 :: Valiant at HeroesCon with Matt Kindt & More!
Episode 186 :: Games That Actually Need Super Ultra HD Remakes

E3 Videos:




Other video:


:: Flame ON! ::


DitNS_Chrysanthemum SmallFlameOn_Ep59_HeroesOrVillains_thumbnail

Episode 58 :: Drag is the New Spandex :: Chrysanthemum
Episode 59 :: Heroes or Villains


:: Wicked Anime ::



Episode 041 :: A Power Rangers Episode
Episode 042 :: With Extra Mayo! 


:: EPIC PIEcast ::


piecast redux

Episode 22 :: From C to Shining Z

:: The Real Congregation ::


real congregation 1400

A Gateway To Robyn Hitchcock ::  06/03/14
Get Off The Ground :: 06/17/14

:: Bits · Rhymes · and · Life ::



Episode 2 :: A MEGA-RANdom Encounter

:: The Nerd Groove ::


Nerd Groove 300

Episode 2 :: The Canadian Invasion

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