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Massive Fan Response to New Batgirl Design

Posted by Hex on July 18, 2014

Last week, it was announced on MTV News that there was going to be a brand new design for Batgirl. Cameron Stewart and Brendan Fletcher were announced as the new authors and teaming up with artist Babs Tarr, a fresh face at DC. Tarr already has Hasbro, Disney, and BOOM! Comics on her list of clients, so she’s no slouch when it comes to working on this level.

What stands out most about the new Batgirl is how reasonable it is. Nerdy Show has had more than a few thoughts on modern vigilantism, so we can definitely vouch for this design as something a modern superhero would prefer over spandex,  miniskirts, or boob windows. Cosplayers around the Internets are already commenting how excited they are to give this new design a shot.

And costume enthusiasts aren’t the only ones excited for this new design – A deluge of fan art has hit the internet, excited to give their take on the costume (click on the images to go to their source):


tumblr_n8ud1q2UsU1qjr76po1_1280Artsy Pabster

tumblr_n8vhq6eiMp1rm5crbo1_1280Jesse Larsen

battieKathryn Hudson

There’s even an unofficial official home for the Batgirl art at Batgirl of Burnside. Even writer, Cameron Stewart, wanted in on the fun and produced the following comic to remind fans that in the end the big companies look at how you vote with your wallet:

tumblr_n8rxveffzQ1tggwujo1_1280So, remember, if you really dig the new Batgirl design, go pick up Batgirl #35! How do you guys feel about the new design and new creative team?

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