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Episode 189 :: Lightning Dogs Strike Back

Posted by NerdyShow on July 28, 2014

ep189 lightning dogs 300THE LIGHTNING DOGS RIDE AGAIN!

Tune in as we brainstorm our 80s-inspired, post apocalyptic, action figure-ready, cartoon universe! The Lightning Dogs are everything we ever loved about 80s and early 90s sci-fi (and all affiliated merchandise) and we’re conceptualizing them live.

In this episode we finalize the characteristics and power set of our final three Lightning Dogs: Narisa, Kane, and Kid. When your physiology is altered by an exploding galactic transit device, all kinds of things can happen!  We explore a ton of possible power sets for these three and even revise some of the powers of the rest of the LD crew.  The evil Glampire and his minions now have some truly formidable adversaries – The wasteland will never be the same!

Dive in to this fan-favorite series and witness a legend in the making!



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