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Comic Books… I Read Them – Week of July 23rd

Posted by Nelson-Lugo on July 24, 2014

Hi!  I’m Nelson, co-host of the EPIC PIEcast! It’s a monthly podcast here on Nerdy Show where Schaffer the Darklord, Charles Stunning, and I get together to talk about nerd stuff and general shenanigans. I don’t “like” comics. I LOVE comics! Every week I’ll devour my comic shop stash and then share my thoughts about them with you. Whether or not we agree every week, we can always be safe in the knowledge that we all love comics. This is a huge week. So, let’s get to it!


Aquaman (#33) :: Look. No one is more surprised than I am, that I am reading Aquaman. But the fact is, this New 52 series is great. I mean, really great and this particular issue is really well done. It’s a bit light on action but that’s because it’s introducing and setting up a new crazy-go-nuts villain. This new story arch is looking pretty exciting. There’s hints of civil unrest in Atlantis, a possible destruction of the kingdom and there’s a new shape-shifting bad guy that both loves and hates Aquaman. Like I said… crazy-go-nuts! BUY IT

Batman (#33) :: I am filled with SO MANY FEELS! This is the conclusion of the Zero Year story line, and what an amazing year it has been. This final chapter is one of the best issues I have read in a good long while. The pacing is exciting, the tension is thick, the suspense was killing me with every turn of the page. Every panel is bursting with great story and a lot of heart. One page even made me cry. Seeing a young Bruce Wayne is wonderful. He struggles, he jokes, he makes mistakes. He wears his sadness on his sleeve and makes the hard choices anyway. I’m kinda sad to see it move on from this time in Batman’s life. BUY IT

Batman and Robin (#33) :: I have four words that best sum up this issue: Shit. Just. Got. Real! This issue does not disappoint at all. Batman is on a mission to save Robin at all costs and nothing is going to stand in his way. There’s a showdown with the League, an introduction of an insane piece of Bat-Armor, and a really touching moment with Superman. I get the feeling that I am in for a seat-of-the-pants thrill ride and I for one am super excited to see what happens next. Great dialog and wonderful art. BUY IT

Batman Eternal (#16) :: Welp, I suppose we can now add the “Red Robin Deals with Harper” and the “Spooky Time at Arkham” subplots to the ever growing list of subplots that is Batman Eternal. We’re sixteen issues in and there is no sign of any kind of resolution to any sub-plot in sight… and there’s thirty six more issues to go. I really want to like this… I really do. The art is great here and I’m actually really interested in the Corrigan/Batwing story but I feel like I’m kinda grasping for straws here. LEAVE IT

Flash (#33) :: Lately there have been two Flashes for the price of one in this current storyline. There’s the present Flash that we all know and love – and this future Flash that seems to be doing really problematic things for what he believes to be the right reasons. I gotta tell ya – as much as I love the Flash – the story up to this point has been dragging for me. I feel like it lost some it’s momentum since the Forever Evil story. BUT, this issue feels like it’s getting back on track. Good action, good detective story, and the mystery of the two Flashes works really well here. BUY IT

Justice League Dark (#33) :: What starts out as a nice quiet “settling in” story goes completely bat-shit crazy – in the most wonderful way possible. Justice League Dark continues to be one of the best that DC puts out. It’s ever-changing roster, down to it’s flip-flopping leaders always makes for a good read. This issue sets-up what will be the newest epic adventure for this ragtag group of misfit heroes and in true magic-wielding style, the story goes to crazy-town pretty damn fast, and I love it. Deadman is the focus this time round and we get not only getting some much needed information but a shocking reveal at the end. BUY IT

Futures End (#12) :: It’s official. I have no idea what the actual story is here anymore. I have completely forgotten what the point of this book was. The problem is, that I’m pretty much convinced that DC also has no idea what the point… or story is either. It is so convoluted that it’s now just bogged down under the sheer weight of it’s sub-plots. I really wanted this to be good… it’s not. LEAVE IT

Superman (#33) :: I gotta admit, I’ve never really been much of a Superman fan, but this “Men of Tomorrow” storyline has me hooked. The art is wonderful and the story has depth, and heart, and is quite touching. The best thing is there’s a real old fashioned reporter/detective story here that’s really fun to watch unfold.  The character of Ulysses is a fantastic counterpoint to Superman and I can’t help but be hungry for more info on this guy. This is perfect jumping on point for new readers. Great stuff all around. BUY IT

Wonder Woman (#33) :: This is a blood soaked story of epic proportions. Gods, demigods, monsters, Amazons (both female AND male) are waging an all out war for nothing less than the entirety of existence. The action is huge and almost no is safe here. I love this book – it’s got so much going on, and the metaphors are pervasive throughout. The ending is a double strike shocker that has left me wanting to read the next issue now. BUY IT


Ragnarok (#1) :: Wow. I mean, just wow. I’m not really sure how I feel about this. It’s certainly not bad and it’s got all kinds of elements I like. It has dark elves, battle trolls, and even a dead god that has to be destroyed. The story is clear and there’s even a sense of a rich history to this war torn world. I like it… a lot. A solid first issue. I’m just not sure if I love it yet. I can’t quite put my finger on what’s missing but I’m very curious to find out what’s next. This is just the first issue so I’m definitely going to stick with it for a while. BUY IT

Star Trek: The City on the Edge of Forever (#2) :: Ok. I’m just going to start by saying that I am a huge Star Trek nerd. Also, I completely recognize that this book is total fan service. Having said that… this is really good you guys. Seriously. It’s a comic based on the original script for this classic Trek episode – not the one that aired – the original unaltered script. This fleshed out story is a wonderful read. There two problems though – as with the first issue – the comic just ends abruptly. Each issue has yet to feel like a solid chapter and the pacing seems a bit rushed. But, beyond that, this is a must BUY IT for all fans of Trek. If you’re not a fan, then BORROW IT



Saga (#21) :: GODDAMNIT! This book is so damn good all the damn time! Every issue either makes me cry or scares the crap out of me. This issue is no exception cause I felt a bit of both. The fact that a story set in a fantasy sci-fi setting can speak to real world hopes and fears – and still convey a sense of wonder and awe is nothing short of a masterpiece. It goes from light hearted, to visceral action, to drool inducing sexiness, to complete horror. I LOVE THIS BOOK! It is emotionally intelligent and ridiculously over the top at the exact same time.  BUY IT


Daredevil (#6) :: I am a new fan of Daredevil and I must say I am really loving this series. This issue pulls on the old heart strings a bit as we learn about Matt Murdock’s parents as he deals with good memories being overshadowed by not-so-good memories – that all lead to a shocking development with his mother. Things are looking pretty bad for DD. The ramifications of him being an out-of-the-closet super hero are fascinating to watch. BUY IT

Storm (#1) :: Admittedly, I am a relatively new Marvel fan. As a pop culture addict I know about Marvel characters, but I don’t KNOW them. Which is why I was so eager to read this new book about this amazing mutant. In a word, this issue is wonderful. It is the perfect launching point – not only into Marvel comics, but into the titular character herself. The exposition is a part of the action and we learn all we need to know while the story moves through exciting tension from one end of the spectrum all the way to the other. I’m adding this to my regular monthly picks. BUY IT


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