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Arrow Season 3 and The Flash Speculation

Posted by Briggs on July 22, 2014

flash12f-1-webDC is taking a page from Marvel’s shared cinematic universe with the return of Arrow and the all-new Flash series. With San Diego Comic Con this week, we can expect to have light shed on some of the rampant speculation surrounding these series.

Both the shows’ title characters are already familiar with one another, opening the door for even more of the DC Universe to join in. In season 2, episode 9 of Arrow, “The Scientist” we were introduced to Barry Allen. In the extended trailer for The Flash, Oliver, is seen advising that Barry conceal his identity – showing that clearly some great crossover is already in the works. Will Gorilla Grodd make an appearance in Starling City? Could Slade reemerge in Central City?

While the shows are bound to have many similarities, there’s also likely to be more than a few differences. Among the most stark difference is the tone and setting. Starling City (home to Arrow) is very grim and dark – even during the day. Meanwhile, The Flash‘s Central City is predominantly bright and upbeat. In Arrow, Starling City is very much a character in its own right; a fact that enriches the atmosphere. Arrow’s rich playboy billionaire who’s lived through a hell of his own making will contrast significantly to Barry Allen’s carefree charm. It’s a dichotomy that, rather than working against one another, should complement the respective series when they go head-to-head.arrowimages10With audiences now used to two seasons of Arrow’s dark vigilante, will The Flash’s brighter tone be able to keep viewers of the former show onboard? Now that we have two established characters sharing a single universe, how will they impact one another? Expect a lot more super science with fantastic elements, “X Elements” as it was referred to in the trailer by Tom Cavanagh (Dr. Harrison Wells) in The Flash.  More sensational super-powered storylines are bound to bleed into Arrow.

I personally have high hopes for The Flash, and the continued success and of Arrow. The contrast alone will be enough reason to tune in every week. Let’s hope that the writing and acting will carry it throughout Flash‘s first season and live up to expectations. If this formula proves successful -who knows what else we could see from DC’s massive catalog.

Haven’t checked out Arrow yet?  Seasons 1 and Season 2 are waiting for you.

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