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Nerdy Show Network – Month in Review: May 2014

Posted by Trench on May 30, 2014

Community update 300Hey there Nerdy Show Fans! – Nerdy Show Community Manager, Trench here!
This is the Nerdy Show Community Update, chronicling  all the Network happenings of the month.

May has just flown by, but we’ve had some big happenings. First, We debuted both a new podcast, Bits • Rhymes • and • Life, a slice-of-life show from nerdcore all-star Mega Ran and producer K-Murdock, and a new video series, Beta Test, where Brandon reviews indie games. Additionally, we partnered with SoundCloud, which is a service similar to YouTube, but for audio, to publish our podcast content. What this means for you, the listener, is that there is new ways for you to interact with our content. Among others, you can comment at specific points in an episode to let us know what you thought about something we said. Right now we’re still testing the waters, so follow the Network Channel and watch for updates and independent SoundCloud feeds for shows in the near future.

This month Nerdy Show explored the decimation of the Star Wars Expanded Universe, reviewed the latest Godzilla movie as well as celebrated the franchise’s 60th anniversary, and 30 years of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with Steve Murphy – the most prolific TMNT writer of all time.

Wicked Anime pondered anime that leave you asking “WTF just happened?”, speculated wildly on the new Godzilla, and as always, brought you the latest on the world of anime.

Flame ON! expanded on their interview with Glen Weldon, the author of Superman: The Unauthorized Biography, sat down with Jinkx Monsoon, performer of the off Broadway hit, The Vaudevillians, and reviewed the latest pop culture films.

EPIC PIEcast talked Spider-Man, held a Batman trivia contest, and interviewed Comic Book Historian Alan Kistler.

The Nerd Groove set out on it’s mission to define and provide exposure to the Nerd Music genre, featuring tracks from Professor Shyguy, The Megas, Steam Powered Giraffe, and more!

Bits · Rhymes · and · Life told the story of how Mega Ran departed from his job as a teacher to begin chasing his dream.

The Real Congregation this month showcased 2014’s most awesome songs so far.


– Convention/ Festival Appearances –

E3: June 10th-12th in Los Angeles, California.  Our team will be releasing podcasts and videos fromt he event all week long!

Heroes Con: June 20th-22nd in Charlotte, North Carolina. Prepare yourselves for another LIVE installment of Atomic Robo: Nuts & Bolts!

San Diego Comic Con: July 24th-27th in San Diego, California.


:: Nerdy Show ::


ep176 300ZillaDrescher 300ep178 300


Episode 176: State of the Empire: The Ponda Baba Conundrum 
Episode 177: Godzilla – 60th Anniversary Special
Episode 178: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Adventures with Steve Murphy 



:: Wicked Anime ::


wicked anime podcast title card 144


Episode 039: This Does Not Sound Like Speed Racer
Episode 040: Godzilla is Unamused


:: Flame ON! ::




Episode 55: SuperWeldon
Episode 56: Drag is the New Spandex: Jinkx Monsoon
Episode 57: Days of Flame On Past





:: EPIC PIEcast ::

piecast redux 144

Episode 21: Batman and Alan

:: The Nerd Grove ::

Nerd Groove 144

Episode 1: The Megas and Danimal Cannon Go RED 

:: Bits • Rhymes • and • Life ::


Episode 1: I Quit

:: The Real Congregation ::

real congregation 144

Make Believe In Asia: 05/06/14

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