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Episode 177 :: Godzilla – 60th Anniversary Special

Posted by NerdyShow on May 19, 2014


ZillaDrescher 300Like a rock ‘n’ roll granddad, Godzilla is over the hill but ain’t gonna hesitate to crack jaws in a cultural relevance bar brawl.  The King of All Monsters is still a pop culture behemoth even at the big 6-0, and in this episode we celebrate his nuclear legacy.

Nerdy Show hosts Cap, Kay, Hex, and Tony are joined by community member and kaiju expert, BigBadShadowMan to discuss Godzilla’s history, various incarnations, and review the new Godzilla film. Will thunder thigh Godzilla make a twerking video? Why does our episode art feature the 1998 Godzilla dressed up as Fran Drescher in The Nanny? And most importantly – Does the big lizard’s return to Western cinema measure up to our hopes and dreams; or will he experience another crushing defeat at the hands of American movie makers?  Only one way to find out!

Special thanks to BigBad, who stacked 4 Microsodes together to create this full-length episode! Episode art by The Drawfriends – aka Kay and Tony.


  1. Shellocalypse :: Omigadrive ft. Jordan Clark
  2. Polarity :: Kubbi
  3. Godzilla :: Sci-Fried


Godzilla Comics:



  • After doing The Godzilla episode with nerdyshow I thought I was going to be mad about the new movie, but I became a little mad at Hex and Cap now. I felt most of there complaints are almost non existing or blown out of proportion, and they downplayed some of the really good bits of movie mostly the final fight and somethings they didn’t even bring up.


    because I’m both lazy and I have work in the morning, so I’m going to cheat a little. This video will cover the the main bases for me

    here are some quick points I like about the movie

    * The monsters had personality
    * they took elements from the different Godzillas over the years and put them in this one
    * Godzilla’s atomic breath is back to being Atomic Fire.
    *also Something I picked up on that I absolutely loved is that Godzilla ’14 continues the brilliant, classic Toho tradition/approach of human actions complementing and inciting monster action, and vise-versa. For example, Ford blowing up the MUTO nest allowed Godzilla to gain the upper-hand against the mutos.

  • Speaking as a non-fan, I can say my only real complaint was with how the film handled their main characters. Setting them up in Act One as interesting people, then doing nothing with it. Everything with the monsters was fine, but I’d have preferred if Godzilla stayed “scary” throughout the entire film. It’s still a fun movie, and I’d like to see more. But ANY character development would have easily made this “movie of the year” for me.

  • This was one of my favorite episodes. You guys always do awesome work but I think this episode was an excellent example of what makes Nerdy Show so awesome. Namely a bunch of geeks discussing something they are passionate about while having a good time. I’m fairly ignorant about Kaiju movies and I was mostly okay with that. After listening to the episode I’ve not only learned a lot about something I was mostly ignorant of, but now I want to learn more. To me those are the best episodes.

  • finally got to watch godzilla, thanks for the heads up that the middle of the film isnt really entertaining. the beginning was good, the monster fight was so beautiful it made me tear and shout with joy

  • I still strongly disagree with Cap and Hex on the new Godzilla
    and I wanted to point people to a better thought out review by one guy who know more about Godzilla then me Matt Frank

    • Cap

      I think it’s really cool that Matt Frank did a review. It does mean a lot coming from him. And dude, you are more than welcome to disagree with us – after all, you’re a bigger Godzilla fan than our entire staff put together.

      However, I just want to say that I stand behind our review 100%. Our crew is a group of very talented commentators and we did put a lot of thought into evaluating this film. Not only did we discuss the film during the recording but we gathered around immediately after seeing the film and talked about it for over an hour. The review on this episode is the culmination of that discussion and our respective opinions (myself, Hex, and Kay, and even Doug who couldn’t make it to the recording).

      We pride ourselves in what we do, and we do it well – we just didn’t have the same opinion as you, dude.

      • I just wanted to share as much as possible from people I respect on the subject of giant monsters, because I felt mislead by a lot of thing you guys gloss over or didn’t mention during the recording.

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