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Bits · Rhymes · and · Life :: Episode 1 :: I Quit

Posted by Mega Ran on May 7, 2014

BRnL300Enter the world of Bits, Rhymes, and Life with Mega Ran and K-Murdock, the foremost hip-hop gamers around.  Each episode is narrated by Mega Ran and lavishly produced and soundtracked by K-Murdock for an immersive storytelling experience that delves deep into their nerdy lives.

Random, aka Mega Ran broke new ground in the nerd rap game when his Mega Man-inspired rhymes became officially sanctioned by Capcom.  Since then he’s continued to evolve; tackling not just new game franchises, but partnering with sound samurai, K-Murdock to form one of the most formidable teams in indie rap. In this debut episode, Ran tells the story that was briefly discussed on the landmark Black Materia album’s ending — one of leaving his job as a teacher to chase the dream of being a full-time musician– but the story definitely wasn’t a smooth storybook-style tale. Join us for an epic real-life story of dreams, desire and deception on Episode One: I Quit!

Look for more episodes of Bits, Rhymes, and Life the first Wednesday of every month!


  1. Faculty Lounge :: Random feat. Homeboy Sandman
  2. Limitless :: Random
  3. How Bad Do U Want It? :: Random
  4. No Rest :: Mega Ran & K-Murdock



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Former teacher turned professional rapper and speaker. Video game and technology lover. Part time Grammar Cop.

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