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BETA TEST Reviews Teslagrad :: IndieBox Unboxing Edition

Posted by Brandon on May 29, 2014

Welcome to the inaugural episode of BETA TEST! Join Brandon as he reviews indie video games! Can they match his scathing criteria?  Only one way to find out!

In this episode Brandon opens up the very first IndieBox title: Teslagrad and unboxes all its special edition features. Teslagrad is a Metroidvainia-style platformer that’s taken critics by storm, and IndieBox is like a book of the month club for independent video games.  Every month you get a special edition of an awesome indie game – but you won’t know what it is or what the perks are until you crack it open!



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The ultimate master of doing everything perfectly average. Whether it be archery skills, ornithology, kung fu, or your mom. Enjoys long walks on the beach if by "long walks" you mean sitting on a couch in the dark and by "beach" you mean playing video games.

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